Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E11-12) “The Therapist”/”Casecation”

From dealing with deep issues to dealing with future kids. Here’s a recap!


brooklyn nine nine s6e11 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E11-12) "The Therapist"/"Casecation"

“The Therapist”

As Jake deals with one of his enemies, Holt tries to meet Rosa’s girlfriend and Terry deals with a personal matter. Here’s a recap!

As Jake is asked to help on a case that involves a Therapist; who’s worried about his patient killing another patient. Of course, Jake doesn’t like therapists, but even more this one and he believes that after looking into the suspect’s apartment that the therapist could be the suspect.

Soon Jake sneaks in the therapist’s office and found his notes on the patents. After trying to sneak out, he gets stopped by another therapist who thinks she’s her new client who has a multiple personality disorder. But as soon as the suspect leaves, Jake leaves and doesn’t escape with the evidence quietly as the therapist stops him and takes him on a ride; but he gets stopped by Charles after Jake text without looking.

Meanwhile, Holt invites Rosa and her girlfriend to dinner with his husband; but she doesn’t want to because of Holt’s judgmental comments. Soon he meets her and it turns out that he was being tested with an actress, but later on, Holt finally meets Rosa’s girlfriend and enjoys her sense of humor.

Also, Amy hands over a box order of books that have Terry’s name on it as it’s for how to spice up your sex life. Terry denies the whole thing that he doesn’t need help in the bedroom, but after having Scully pretend that the book was his, it’s true for Terry.

I will admit that at first “The Therapist” didn’t grab my attention at first but after watching it over and over again I really enjoyed it. There were good moments and moments that I kind of forget that had happened in this episode mainly the Terry storyline.

I thought that the Jake storyline in this episode was outstanding with such strong character growth; as Jake deals with a murdering therapist but also admits that he needs to see a therapist. And the Holt and Rosa storyline was probably a better highlight of the episode than what it was shown. It not only made me laugh but broke my heart and warmed my heart by the end. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

brooklyn nine nine season 6 episode 12 casecation jake amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E11-12) "The Therapist"/"Casecation"


With a witness under protection in the hospital; it’s a casecastion for Jake and Amy that leads to one of the most personal matters in their marriage.  Here’s a recap!

With a witness is in the hospital;  Jake and Amy work together to protect from whoever is trying to get him killed. This gives them finally the time to spend together; calling it a “casecation.”  Amy soon drops a bombshell to Jake that she wants to plan to start on their family, but Jake isn’t too thrilled about it; soon gets into a modified debate. After Holt and many, many others being the moderator, Jake finally admits why he doesn’t want to have kids; he’s afraid that he could be just like his dad, who wasn’t a good one.

So a suspicious person comes on the floor and Rosa and Amy took down, but he was only a distraction. As soon as Jake and Terry walk towards them; Jake figures out who the hitman would be, Pam, one of the patients at the hospital. It turned into a standoff and Jake talks her down and was handed the gun.

When things were cooling down; Jake tells Amy that he doesn’t need to think about having a baby anymore that he’s ready. He decided after handling the situation with Pam that he could actually be good at parenting. And all things end very well.

“Casecastion” was another great installment episode. I could eat this episode up so much with the character development of Jake and Amy. I think that Jake was the focus of the episode with his decision to whether he wants to have a family with Amy or not. Personally, I understand Jake’s thoughts on the situation with his dad issues and all. This episode was another milestone moment in the series. I think that maybe by the time the season ends Amy and Jake will begin their family. Amy Samberg gives an amazing performance. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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