Chicken Girls (S04E05) “Cancelled”

Tonight, the boys are “cancelled” because at this stage of the game, that’s still the “go to” when someone doesn’t want to play nice, with another .

Yet Ellie may find the fellas have this choice too!  Robby is showing straight up annoyance with The Sneak, orchestrated by El. Cancelled is not gender bias , she may  find. 

It begins when Ezra jams Rhyme for  what could have been his Stench article. He feels she stole it from him. She counters with, she’s just the better reporter. Ouch!

Rhyme swears off guys, officially.  But joins the school paper, where she’s in the Face of Ezra, daily! Go Figure  I can only hope this leads to the reveal of abuse in his household. 

Rooney is having a Sweet 16 party. She personally gives Drake an invite. He claims a prev engagement and cannot come.  She’s pissed because he is supporting a female cast mate.  Of course she’s happy when later he RSVP in person. Crisis and pissosity over. 

In addition, Rooney telling Rhy, her ex is coming to her  party, eyeing her and the feeling is mutual, should be…interesting…or not! Yet I still cannot wait! 

Later, Rhy sees El and Robbie kissing.  It’s  more than a peck on the forehead.  She just turns and walks away.  But “Rut Roh” 

And  then there’s Effie (Kianna Naomi).  She’s an acquaintance of Rhy AND Ezra. They all  met during that vacay in Florida.  She comes for tutorship, needing to undestand things like LAUNDRY!

Obviously , Effie is a spoiled little rich girl, “slumming” needing to familiarize herself with the townies. She’s assuming but not obnoxious.

But moreso, Effie’s  on a mission to find the guy she’s been talking with online. We already know it’s Flash, don’t we? 

Chicken Girls airs on YouTube, BRAT channel,  Tuesdays @ 3p/Pacific.  Can barely wait!