American Gods (S02E06) – “Donar the Great”


American Gods are starting to lose their touch. The previous episode could’ve had the same runtime as a sitcom. But this episode, 2 takeaways from this – the runes of Gungnir have been etched and we see how it was broken in the first place.

The episode follows a journey into the past when Donnar (Derek Theler), Odin’s son, was the headlining act of his show at the Regius Theatre. Columbia (Laura Bell Bundy) also headlined the show, we learnt that Columbia was also one of their kind. Nancy was also involved with running the show and was his usual bashful/passionate self, with an accent that has sometimes seen better days. Throughout the episode, it would flashback to Donar and Odin (Ian McShane) and their relationship. Columbia constantly wanted to run away to California but Donar wanted to stay with father.

AG S02E06 DONAR 300x169 - American Gods (S02E06) - "Donar the Great"
Donar the Great, more commonly known as Thor Odinson

Donar goes on a journey from being recruited by Nazis to be in strongman competitions, to them wanting him to lose. In a moment of anger, Nancy (Orlando Jones) calms him down by telling him a painful story about his past. For a moment, we see into Nancy’s past, his painful past. We get a look past the all the mockery, thick skin, passionate persona and see the ‘soft side’ into Anansi. A was nice to see this but nonetheless unnecessary.

AG S02E06 ANANSI AND DONAR 300x169 - American Gods (S02E06) - "Donar the Great"
We get look behind the curtain and see the ‘soft side’ of Anansi

We also see Telephone Boy (Bruce Langley), pre-Tech Boy, and his role in the past. Telephone Boy, still a forthcoming of the technological future, Wednesday used his infatuation of Columbia to get into Columbia’s head and convince her to go with Telephone Boy. Columbia is seen as the representation of the Americas, derived from Christopher Columbus. Donar doesn’t believe this and orders Odin to remove the charms from Columbia, but he can’t because charms don’t work on their own kind. Donar pushes Odin’s buttons and Odin jumps off the ledge and transforms his walking stick into Gungnir. They exchange one blow and Donar breaks Gungnir with Mjolnir and walks away. I thoroughly enjoyed this scene, showed us how Gungnir was broken and gave us a look into Odin past with his son. Yet, I just question its relevance, I understand the breaking of Gungnir, but Donar, I don’t see the relevance there.

AG S02E06 THOR AND ODIN 300x169 - American Gods (S02E06) - "Donar the Great"
Donar broke Gungnir with a shot from Mjolnir

Back in the present, Sindri (Clark Middleton) said to re-etch the runes he needs Lou Reed’s leather jacket. Side note – when Wednesday introduced Shadow (Ricky Whittle) to Sindri, Wednesday and Sindri share a look about Shadow. Wednesday and Shadow pull off an impersonation of a counterfeiting Bishop and a US Secret Service agent to get the jacket. Whilst waiting for dark, Shadow asks to know more about Donar. Wednesday reluctantly tells him that there are some deaths a God cannot come back from, suicide. Shadow shows respect to his culture and asks about his passing and if the Valkyrie’s gave safe passage. Back at Sindri, Odin puts Lou Reed’s jacket on Dvalin and begins to speak in an ancient language. The runes begin to emerge on Gungnir. When he’s done Dvalin says that she is ready to be healed. And at Black-Briar the alarms go off as things are happening ahead of schedule, Mr World asks New Media galvanise her worshippers and become more.

AG S02E06 RUNES ETCHED 300x169 - American Gods (S02E06) - "Donar the Great"
“My Swaying One, you started the first war and you will finish the last… with you, I will not fail.”

Thanks for reading. Season 2 is coming to an end and the war is on the horizon. Again, I question the reason for this episode. It was really just about the runes being re-etched on Gungnir. They added a whole about Donar, Odin’s son, but why. It was best left to the imagination of where he is. I just hope the next 2 episodes are a lot greater than the past 2. Catch episode 7 “Treasure of the Sun” on Sunday and catch the promo below. Thank and Enjoy!