The Bold Type (S03E02) “Stroke of Genius”

New episode, new challenges – so foreseeable. It’s The Bold Type right? Couldn’t be any way different. Some serious problems came out in this one. It was a pleasure to watch but also there was the lesson to learn. So let’s talk details!

I won’t lie that what got to me the most was the situation between Jane and Ryan (or Pinstripe, but like he said, it’s her nickname to call him that, I’m not sure if it’s allowed). The whole process of egg freezing is a big deal for Jane. What she didn’t understand is that it is big for him too because it is big for her. Obviously she got scared that talking about fertility will kill all the romance they have. She could have assumed that after medical topic have taken over her relationship with Ben, she’s kinda justified. But as Ryan said – she didn’t try it with him. The amount of support he has been showing to her is amazing. I’m impressed that he has developed that much, I mean, from the guy that likes the multiple dating thing? Now he’s the perfect boyfriend, he’s supportive; he’s there whenever there’s need. I loved the scene when he showed up under the Jane’s apartment, missing play offs to help her with the injection. Having notification on his phone? Yeah, pretty great if you ask me. Almost as much as disappointing about not having carbs for 2 weeks! I know I’m focusing on him right now, but he’s a big part of Jane’s life and he has just proved it for us all. I’m glad they found a way to work this out and I personally love the idea of them working on one piece of article for the magazine. Can’t wait for the result!

The other lucky girl on The Bold Type planet is obviously Sutton. This one gets the most exemplary man I have ever seen. When she says she’s gonna do something by herself – he respects her opinion. But if he sees she’s not coping well with it – he just does it for her, he doesn’t hesitate, not for a second. The two of them moving in together – looks like it serves them well not only as a couple, but as an individual persons too. Other things Sutton had going in her life in this episode – yeah, well, she managed to make every single task done, as she always do. No surprises here. People look at her like she’s just some pretty girl interested in fashion, having fun reading about clothes. No no no, everyone, it’s so much more there. She’s compassionate and she has proved it while figuring out what’s wrong with Oliver. You can count on her when you don’t even know that you can, cuz she knows that something is going on when you don’t expect her to know. She just knows. And she looks for the solution even if it means leaving her date-for-the-prom-amazing-boyfriend at the party to take care of things. Frankly I could use some Sutton in my life. Or at least some of her wardrobe pieces!

Kat faces no relationship issues this time. She focuses on getting the amount of money that could save her favourite lesbian bar before closing for good. Yeah it is sorta connected to Adena, because it’s theirs spot and it will always be sentimental, but that’s not only reason she does that. And she does a lot, she organizes a prom using dresses from Scarlet closet, which by the way will always be my favourite spot if it’s about TBT places, it’s even better than Carrie Bradshaw’s one (I’m so sorry Carrie, it’s nothing personal, I swear). I also like the idea that people got used to the fact it’s girls’ hang out talk-life hide. It’s totally appropriate. So is knocking! But returning to Kat, I really like her spirit. She’s such a believer, I don’t know how she does that. She’s like never losing hope, till the very end. And after that too. I got a feeling she’s not done yet, she’s about to do something more and we’re gonna find that out sooner than we think she’s not a person who let’s things go not by her way (in the positive meaning of course).

The Bold Type wouldn’t be the same if these three weren’t friends. There’s nothing that makes my heart as warm as looking at the together scenes, looking at them having fun, laughing together, cheering after tough happenings, supporting whenever life gets a little too complicated. Gotta say I love to laugh with them like I’m there, even though I’m perfectly aware that I lay in front of my laptop screen and it’s only a TV serie and it’s not even real. Still, feels like I’m a part of this world. And for me all of it is real. Please don’t ever try to put that right for me!
See you next week TBT army!