The Enemy Within (S01E08) “An Offer”

a journey into the past

We have to understand the past in order to understand the future. Episode 8 follows Erica (Jennifer Carpenter) and Will’s (Morris Chestnut) journey from 3 years ago to the day he arrested her in DC. This honestly seems like a filler episode, an episode to fill a gap. Episode 7 ended with Shepherd phoning her Russian contact to speak to Tal, this gives us the background as to why.

Beginning when she and Cabrera worked side by side in operations. Working an op in Croatia to obtain passports which were the key to finding Tal (Lev Gorn). The op went south but the operatives got out alive. Things start to go south for Shepherd when he daughter never showed up for school and Tal demands the 4 agents names for Hannah’s safe release. We know she gave them, but not what followed. As any mother would, she began frantically searching for her daughter, even turning to the police to issue an amber alert, but realising that Tal has her. At this point, I’m not sure why she didn’t just use the CIA’s resources which is vast and extensive.

TEW S01E08 HOUSE 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E08) "An Offer"
“It’s up to you whether your daughter dies today or not”

Of the 4 names given, 2 were involved in the op in Croatia and were killed shortly after she gave them up. Shepherd kills an operative to find out that Hannah is at home. Arriving at home she finds Tal there. And this is the scene we are really after. Tal begins to tell her exactly what proceeded to happen over the course of the 3 years which leads till the present. But he would not let it happen if she becomes a mole for him. But he doesn’t her answer now, an answer drowning in emotion and the need to save Hannah. Tal wants the answer in the coming future, when Shepherd feels the weight of her actions and the tightening of the noose of incarceration around her neck. Her daughter is safe upstairs and knows nothing about what has happened.

TEW S01E08 TAL 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E08) "An Offer"
“Beyond the hatred lies salvation”

At the FBI, CIA Director Meyer informs Keaton that his wife’s plane went down and everyone aboard was killed. And as expected, Keaton lost it. Throw things around his office and continually hit the wall until he couldn’t anymore. Keaton and Zain met with Shepherd, Cabrera and a few others at the CIA to find out who Tal used to get the 4 operative’s names. Keaton and a group of agents began combing through the lives of the CIA agents who knew all 4 operatives. And in the end, they were left with Shepherd and we saw what followed in the beginning of episode 1.

TEW S01E08 FBI 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E08) "An Offer"
“These are the 12 people. These are our suspects. Let’s go to work.”

This entire journey through the past 3 years leads us to this point. Shepherd phones the number her contact gave her to talk to Tal. She asks him if the offer still stands, but he questions her value to him. Shepherd brings up the FBI and Keaton and she knows he is feeling the pressure from him. Tal questions her decision to accept the offer after all this time to which she passionately responds “I am not going to die in a cage”.

TEW S01E08 PRESENT 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E08) "An Offer"
“I am not going to die in a cage”

So… now what.  Is Shepherd really going to turn her back on Keaton and the FBI? Look I get that no one really liked her. But Keaton tried and he really began to trust her. I wonder if this is legit or if she is trying to play Tal into catching him. Because I do trust that the one thing she wants above being with her daughter, maybe even more than that, is to catch Tal and make him pay. Everything that happened in the past which lead to this point is because of Tal. Tal ruined her past. Tal ruined her present. Tal ruined her future. So will she just disregard all of that and become his ally? I highly doubt that. But we shall see what will occur. This episode was really a waste though. In all honesty, all we got from this episode is that Tal gave Shepherd an offer 3 years ago and she wants to accept it now. This episode was just a filler episode. Don’t know what to do, let’s look back into the past. Anyways. Thanks for reading and catch the promo for episode 9 “Homecoming” below. Enjoy!