Grey’s Anatomy (S15E22) – Head Over High Heels


greys s15e22 300x200 - Grey's Anatomy (S15E22) - Head Over High Heels
GREY’S ANATOMY – “Head Over High Heels” – Jessica Brooks/ABC

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy seemed to highlight problems in relationships, and at the same time highlighted for me the problems that I have with the majority of the current romantic pairings on the show. Firstly, let’s start with the opening scene of the episode with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Deluca (Giacomo Gianniotti), where they were discussing telling Meredith’s children about their new relationship after Deluca got caught trying to sneak out of the house by Zola (Aniela Gumbs). Considering I was not keen on the idea of the pair being romantically involved when it first looked like the writers were going in that direction, I am quite surprised with how the romantic pairing seems to work, which seems to be down to the chemistry between Pompeo and Gianniotti. However, I have found the writing for the pair questionable at times, especially with the opening scene as it seemed like a lot of the dialogue and the context of the scene gave me déjà vu to more than one scene that were shared between Meredith and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) only a couple of seasons ago, which got me questioning why when it comes to Meredith’s do they seem to be running out of originality.

A big focus of this episode seemed to be Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) starting therapy to help deal with his past trauma, which I can honestly say I had no interest in and payed little attention to these scenes throughout the episode. The main reason being I believe it is way too late for the writers to go this direction with his character, it would have worked so much better if they did this ten seasons ago before they completely ruined his character and made him unbearable to watch. After I have seen his obnoxious behaviour towards Teddy, Cristina and Amelia (as well as others) throughout the seasons, I find it very difficult to support the writers trying to make me feel connected to his character or feel sympathy towards to him, as for me the damage and character assassination is already done, its going to take A LOT for the writers do undo that for me. I am also very disappointed with the many hints throughout the episode of the writers heading in the direction of Owen and Teddy (Kim Raver) becoming romantically involved. With Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) telling Teddy’s (very boring but I guess is slightly better than Owen) boyfriend Tom (Greg Germann), that Owen and Teddy are inevitable as Teddy has always loved him (APART FROM WHEN SHE WAS IN THE BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH HER HUSBAND HENRY). I cant stop myself from sighing at the thought of this pair getting together as TEDDY DESERVES BETTER THAN OWEN AND ALWAYS HAS. Why can’t the writers decide to have a big plot twist where Teddy and Amelia get together, what an iconic pairing that would be! (Also, side note; Amelia is GLOWING this episode, getting away from Owen has done the girl some good).

Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr) was faced with a demon from his past this week when a patient Gemma admits herself after her heart is pierced with a heel. Richard is very quick to recognise the patient as they shared the same sponsor Oli, who sadly died. Richard tries to help Gemma, as it appears she is currently still drinking, however Gemma constantly dismisses him and his throughout the episode. But When Gemma finds out Richard was the one that performed her surgery, she finally opens up to him and admits that she was sober for 17 years before she started drinking again, to which Richard responded with “years don’t matter Gem, its just one day at a time”. I have to hand it to the many writers over the 15 seasons for always portraying Richards addiction so well, highlighting the very realistic long term difficulties and close relapses that you experience over the years, and never seem to shy away from showing the harsh realities of coping and living with addiction. As Richard opened up to Gemma over everything he has faced with his addiction, as the audience we are reminded of all the dark times we have witnessed Richard going through and we can’t help but empathise with him. Yet Richards ongoing storyline shows us that even though its incredibly difficult, it is possible to overcome addiction, which gives us  hope.

A relationship that seems to be even further in jeopardy this episode is Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington), as Jo is still struggling to open up to Alex after visiting her mum in Pittsburgh. My Heart broke so many times throughout the episode after having to witness these characters go through even more hurt and heartbreak….. THEY DON’T DESERVE THIS. Seeing Alex tell Meredith that he is scared that Jo is broken and the pattern of what happened with Izzy, Ava etc is repeating itself, felt like a stab in the chest as the poor guy has been hurt so many times I cant stand to see him think his relationship is going to fall apart as well! It also looks like Jo’s issues are far from over as Jackson (Jesse Williams) notices that Jo has turned up to work drunk. The episode ends with Alex and Jo having a massive argument as Alex threatens to go to Pittsburgh himself to find out what happened, to which Jo responds with saying she will leave him if he ever threatens that again, and Alex also says if she ever turns up to work drunk again he will go straight to Bailey (Chandra Wilson), so they make a deal between them (OUCH). Even though Chamber and Luddington’s performances are always so good, and are part of the reason why I feel so attached to these characters and their story, I cant help but be annoyed at the writers at putting through these characters more hurt. Why cant these two ever seem to be happy for more than two seconds? Lets all pray that they can get through this!