Star Trek Discovery (S02E14) ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’ Pt 2

Well trekkies, this was the episode to end all episodes. Welcome to the season finale of season two of Star Trek Discovery, ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’ part two. I’m going to just dive right in.

you have how many ships?

After a brief recap, the episode opens up with Pike (Anson Mount) issuing orders on attack formations for the squadrons of fighter ships. The Enterprise Discovery are building a strong defense as they give Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) and her team time to finish building the suit.

As Discovery scans the Section 31 fleet, they discover that Leeland (Alan Van Sprang) is the only life sign in all those ships. He hails the Discovery. The Discovery tells him to back down as he is outnumbered by the sheer number of squadron ships from both The Enterprise and Discovery. In response, he reveals his own legion of drone squadrons. The fight is on.

The ships are now engaging in battle. Things don’t seem to be going too well for our heroes until Po (Yadira-Guevara-Prip) steals a ship. She hails the Enterprise and tells them how to defeat the drones. In a bold move, Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) suggests inviting Leeland aboard so she can get her revenge. Once the drones figure out they’re being destroyed, a group of them takes a suicide run at Discovery. Both ships are getting badly damaged.

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Pike looking worried. Photo courtesy of Google.
stuck in the present

The time suit is now done. Michael and the others are transporting it to the shuttle bay. A blast knocks everyone down. Stamets (Anthony Rapp) gets impaled. The group splits off with Spock (Ethan Peck) and Michael continuing to the shuttle bay, while the others take Stamets to sickbay. Sickbay is overloaded, but they manage to find Stamets a bed before leaving to go help elsewhere.

In the shuttle bay, Spock tells Michael he will follow her in a shuttle and defend her while she flies to the designated spot and prepares to jump. Micheal steps into the suit and begins her perilous journey into the very heart of the battle. She struggles through the debris of fallen ships. While the ship’s fields were down to let Michael out, Leeland managed to beam aboard Discovery. When Michael tries to activate the wormhole, she is dismayed when it doesn’t work. The navigational system seemed to to be stuck in the present timeline.

bring on the cavalry

Things rapidly go from bad to worse when an undetonated photon torpedo hits the Enterprise, lodging itself deep into the saucer section. The ship sends out repair bots outside to assess the damage and attempt repairs. Michael is becoming increasingly frustrated. She can’t jump. Why are they stuck? In the battle’s darkest moments there is suddenly a ray of hope. A Klingon Fleet ship shows up, along with Ba’ul ships piloted by Kelpians. Help has arrived. Siranna (Hanna Spear), Ash (Shazad Latif) and L’Rell  (Mary Chieffo) are ready to help defend the two ships.

As Michael continues to process her situation, Spock helps her figure things out. They soon figure out that Michael has to go back and set the five signals that led them to this moment in time. She has to take a leap of faith. On Discovery, Georgiou and Command Khan (Rachael Ancheril) go after Leeland. On the Enterprise, they are frantically trying to disarm the torpedo, knowing they only have about fifteen minutes before it explodes. Hugh (Wilson Cruz) tends to Stamets in sickbay. He came back for Stamets and is taking care of him.

jump Michael, jump

Michael makes her first jump. She rides the timewave. It looks quite painful. She lands in the time and place of the first signal. She continues setting the rest of the signals. The gravity and shields on Discovery are failing. As Georgiou and Khan corner Leeland, the gravity fluctuates and they have an epic anti-gravity battle. Leeland is proving to be a formidable opponent, but Georgiou is holding her own.  The torpedo is proving nearly impossible to disarm. They have less than five minutes now before it blows a large hole in the Enterprise.

ISfyif9zKC38AS4Iczd9IEOnKe 300x169 - Star Trek Discovery (S02E14) 'Such Sweet Sorrow' Pt 2
Georgiou is down, but not out of the fight. Photo courtesy of Google.

More Klingon D7 ships show up to do battle. Michael returns to the present time. She sets her co-ordinates for Terralysium in 930 years. Spock asks how the ship is going to find it. Michael replies that she will set the sixth signal so they can follow her. Georgiou leads Leeland into engineering and manages to trap him in the spore cube. Just before the torpedo explodes, Admiral Cornwell (Jayne Brook) shoves Pike out and seals the blast doors. The torpedo goes off. The Admiral sacrificed herself to save the ship.

the red angel cometh

As Michael prepares to leave, Spock tells her his engines were damaged when they had gotten hit earlier.  He can’t return to Discovery. Spock also reveals he is afraid. After a heartfelt moment exchanged between brother and sister, Michael says she will send Spock a signal when she arrives to let him know she is safe. Georgiou finally has the upper hand as she tells Leeland she magnetized the spore cube. Michael is finally ready to go, and The Red Angel soars through the sky one last time.

dsc 214 rev head 300x169 - Star Trek Discovery (S02E14) 'Such Sweet Sorrow' Pt 2
Michael flying in the suit. Photo courtesy of Google.

As Georgiou watches Leeland be ripped apart nanobot by nanobot, she tells everyone that control is neutralized. The remaining drone ships are destroyed and Michael and the Discovery disappear into the wormhole. Fast forward to Starfleet Academy. Spock and the others are questioned about what had happened. They say that Discovery was destroyed ‘in an accident’. Ash is promoted to head of Section 31. There are now orders to never speak of Discovery or it’s crew with the penalty being treason.

a new beginning

Four months have passed. The last signal had finally appeared. The Enterprise is finally repaired. Spock shaves his beard and heads back onto the Enterprise. The ship is now ready to explore new worlds.

final thoughts

Ok, that was hands down the best episode of Discovery by far. Much better than the anti-climatic season finale from season one. I loved this episode so much. From the snappy one-liners to the huge dogfights. To me, this is how Star Trek should be (at least in times of war). It’s very similar to DS9 and the battles with The Dominion.

I am very curious to see how they are going to deal with Discovery, now that the new setting is almost a thousand years into the future. Are humans still around? Does the Federation still exist? They have so many possibilities to explore and discover now.

Did anyone else think the Spock looked weird without the beard? I know he now has the iconic Spock look, but honestly, I kinda liked him better with the beard.

Overall I give this episode a 15/10 (it’s that good, people)

Stay tuned for Season 3!