A.P. Bio (S02E07) “Personal Everest”

When the school gets a motivation speaker, it so happens to be a former high school bully of Jack’s. Can Jack stop him from spreading lies or will he get revenge on him? Here’s a recap!

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When Jack saw that all the students and staff are at the gym and listening to a motivation speaker; it so happens to be a former high school mate of Jack’s that was a bully. Jack tries to find a way to find the truth that his former classmate didn’t climb the highest mountains and lost his toe. But it gets shut down and even worst gets to motivate the staff at the high school.

But when Jack’s class not only learned of this but sees it; they spring into action that they stool the bully’s toe. Soon after, Jack and the class headed back to the gym for another motivational talk but instead bullied him out of the school.

Meanwhile, Stef gets Mary and Michelle motivated by taking what is theirs. With Mary, she always apologizes but this time she doesn’t and gets away with it. While, Michelle, who gets pushed around one too many times, fights back that even pushes a student with a broken leg down.

And Ralph tries to give Helen a raise, but she hasn’t taken one for years. He tries to reason with her but instead, she doesn’t. But have no fear as Ralph pulls off a sneaky way by telling Helen that she won a prize of three large rolling suitcases that could be hers if she accepts her raise; in which she does.

“Personal Everest” was a very good episode from start to finish. It had some really good moments from Jack meeting with the old schoolmate in the bathroom; or Jack’s students watching him get bullied in front of them. Hell, watching Michelle rule the school hallways really had me laughing out of my seat. But the one that really got me was the students districting Jack’s bully by stealing his toe and given it to Jack to use it. Also, that hug at the end when Jack’s bully ran off was a touching moment too.

This episode really made me think of how different his show is and how it’s like the fun version of Magic School Bus in a way. Anyway, I thought the episode had very good character development and the performances from the ensemble cast were very good too. Overall, I give it an 8.5/10.

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