Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E13) “The Bimbo”

When Kevin asked Jake to take a case, it’s a personal matter why Holt isn’t asked. While it’s game on for who’s got the better lunch date between Amy and Terry. Here’s a recap!


brooklyn nine nine s6e13 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E13) "The Bimbo"

When Jake gets asked by Kevin about a case of three missing coins, Jake wonders why didn’t he asked Holt to take it. Kevin doesn’t want to ask Holt because of his embarrassment with Dean Allister. But Holt finds out about Jake and Kevin meeting and takes on the case with Jake. That’s until Jake and Holt talk to Allister about the missing coins and Holt loses his confidence, but after finding a clue of a footprint Jake and Holt confront the Dean and accuse him of stealing the coins.

Later Jake confronts Holt about the embarrassment that he just went through again. Holt uses Jake’s advise and figured out who actually stole the coins that turn out to be the janitor. Later Kevin shows off his temper but his feelings for Holt.

Meanwhile, Amy and Terry take the crew out for lunch but it gets competitive from taking them out to a steakhouse to corny dogs and karaoke. But the crew and staff have had enough and decides to leave them, but Terry and Amy apologies.

“The Bimbo” was a very good episode. I just loved how the episode really puts Holt on the spot about an incident that made him vulnerable and not to mention his relationship with Kevin grows as well. Even Jake giving Holt some advice about dealing with fancy professors was a funny and special moment. The lunch fight was a very good storyline and so interesting to see how they went from low call to up the game. Which team would you pick to go to lunch with? I might have to with Amy. The episode had strong character development and the writing was solid.  Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

What did you think of the episode? Who’s side would you have gone to lunch with Amy or Terry? LEave a comment and tell us what you thought.

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