Life In Pieces (S04E01) “Jungle Push Resort Anniversary” Season Premiere

In the season premiere of Life In Pieces, a family vacation in the jungles isn’t all that is cracked up to be. Here’s a recap!


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In the season premiere, The Short Family celebrates John and Joan’s 50th wedding anniversary by taking a family vacation to Mexico. As Joan and John were excited, the rest weren’t. From Jen and Greg dealing with Lark and the stuffed armadillo that she mispronounces; even lost it in the jungle that leaves Greg to look for it in the dark of night that was so wild and hilarious.

Meanwhile, Sophia isn’t too thrilled that everyone gets to go on a fun adventure; while she gets to hang out with her mother. As they prepare for the “Fashion in the Jungle;” she opens to her dad and he tells her the truth about not wanting to be her baby anymore. That leads to Sophia trying the ziplines; but as she tries to stop from going down, her mother lets her go.

Instead of staying in a hot and sticky room that animals can crawl into your face, Matt and Colleen found a way to enjoy the family vacation: staying at a better hotel with room service and air condition. But when Greg, Heather, and Tim found out; everyone expected John and Joan got to live it up; even if it’s coming out of Colleen’s credit card and Tim gets tipsy.

As for John and Joan, as they sleep in a bunk bed, the two tries to have some fun. Even when they go on a tour through the jungle; John takes her on a detour to a wilder adventure that leads them lost. But when they find the road and a bus they see that the whole family is in coming back and takes Colleen’s offer of staying that the hotel while the rest of the family stays at the jungle cabins.

“Jungle Push Resort Anniversary” was a hilarious and wonderful season opener. From the beginning to the end, the episode just brought so much fun moments that even brought some past memories of my family vacation. Each story moment in the episode was equally better; but even if I had to pick I would have to go with Greg and Jen’s quest to get the armadillo back for Lark. Even Sophia and Heather’s story moment was very good and memorable. And what can you not say about John and Joan’s moment that really ended on a high note. The writing was good and the character development was too.  The performance was the cast was outstanding. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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