Fresh Off The Boat (S05E21) “Under The Taipei Sun” 100th Episode

In the 100th episode of the series, with Eddie on a living exchange in Taiwan; will the family miss him or not? Here’s a recap!

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As Eddie is ready to set on his exchange living in Taiwan; he doesn’t take any advice seriously from Louis and Jessica. But as soon as Eddie gets there, things look amazing and fun for him; until he blows his money on gifts for the family and loses his stuff on the way back to his aunt’s house.

Meanwhile,  Jessica, Louis, and the family are living an Eddie-free life; riding bikes through the park and singing from The Sound of Music to eating a big dinner and saving a lot for leftovers. But as time goes, the family starts to miss Eddie, but not Jessica. Louis and the boys try to get Jessica to admit that she misses Eddie with heartfelt cards and finally did it.

As Eddie tries to find a way back to his aunt’s house; a gang threatens him until a nice guy comes in and help. That is until Eddie stood up and the gang left in fear of how big he is. Eddie helped the nice guy with deliveries; used his phone instead of calling his aunt, Eddie calls his parents on a long distance, and everyone is thrilled to hear one another.

“Under The Taipei Sun” was another terrific episode for this milestone. This was such a well-written episode; even some spots from past moments in the show that really felt the episode special. But the dynamic was about Eddie and Jessica; being separated and realizing that they miss each other as a mother and son would be. There was such a strong character development between Eddie and Jessica and even Grandma, who has a Cheers tattoo of Norm. I would admit that the bike ride in the park was probably one of my favorite moments besides the phone call between Jessica, Louis and Eddie, and Jessica reading cards. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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