Fresh Off The Boat (S05E22) “No Apology Necessary” Season Finale

The season finale of Fresh Off The Boat just felt like when the show premiered. Here’s a recap!

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As Eddie is enjoying his cultural exchange program; it was cut short when he crashed the bus into a drive-thru Wendy’s. As Jessica and Louis watched the news coverage; Eddie was brought back and was banned from the program that also includes both Emery and Evan.

After hearing Eddie’s side of the story, Jessica takes his side and ungrounds him. Louis thinks that they should apologize; but Jessica doesn’t think so but instead makes a deal with the program to take in a child, a little girl. Even though it seemed all fun and all, it turns into a nightmare for the family when the kid uses Louis’ hairdryer and takes Eddie’s room while Eddie stays with Even and Emery.

Evan gets to babysit Marie but when Honey and Marvin caught him make threats to the baby just to reason with her. But he tries to apologize to Marie in the way that he forgives her.

Soon, Jessica and Louis see that the girl is on Taiwan news station; talking how bad it is living with the cheeseburger boy’s family. That makes Jessia and Louis talk to the program and Eddie makes his apology, but the program wanted Jessica and Louis to do the same too. Louis, instead of his usual apology, doesn’t and threatens. The girl is sent back and everything seems to be back to normal.

As the family drives home, Jessica tells Eddie that she’s undoing her ungrounding on him. Than Louis puts on some tunes and the family starts singing to Sugar Ray, while Eddie puts on his own music and watches as he enjoys his music the family is enjoying theirs.

“No Apology Necessary” was a very nice ending to the season and a really fitting ending. If the network had placed the previous episode and this episode as a one-hour episode; it would be a real fitting series finale because it really felt like one. The episode really played out so well; even though I had high hopes for Eddie to be responsible this season, the screw up was a hilarious twist.

Not to mention the Louis and Jessica scenes about apologizing I couldn’t get enough. There were moments in the episode that takes a direct montage to the pilot like the family driving listening to music. While there was some strong character development, the cast puts on a very good performance. If ABC announces that the show has been canceled today, tomorrow or around the May upfronts; as much as I would be sad for the show to end, I feel satisfied for the ending of the episode as it really felt like a series finale. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think it was a satisfying ending? Do you hope the show comes back for a sixth season?

You can catch Fresh Off The Boat Fridays 8/7c on ABC.