Life In Pieces (S04E02) “Demo NoseBreath Surgery Match”

From supporting wives’ for their needs to supporting their son on their dreams. Here’s a recap!


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When Tim learns that Tyler’s band played to no one at their gig; he tries to be the better parent than his parents were to support him. Tim rents out a recording studio from a patient and gets Tyler to record his song. But as Tyler tries to sing, he starts crying and figures out that he’s not a great singer and even got a second opinion from Tim and the guy who’s recording. But this leads Tim to go after his dream to jump off the high dive, which he did.

Jen is going through some a rough pregnancy and Greg isn’t helping. Just from the smell coming from Greg’s breath; she asked him to wear a mask and stop sound words with S’s. But it’s when Jen turns down the temperature in the house to 62 that causes Greg to blow it as he wears a parka and can’t sit on the toilet with the house being ice cold. After seeing how Jen gets motion sickness, Greg finally caves in and as he comes home the next night he eats his food outside.

Joan had surgery on her leg after the incident in the previous episode. As she comes home, John tries to take care of her, which she’s pretty shocked and let him do. She’s even shocked to see how John brings up food and other things, but it was just Heather doing all the work. John pushes Heather too much and finally confesses to Joan. As much as Joan should be upset with John, she wasn’t as she was happy.

Colleen and Matt meet with an expecting mother, Morgan, who’s looking to give her baby up for adoption. As they talk and give her a book of photos of what kind of people they are; it seemed that their chances seemed low when Morgan met with another set of parents. Matt and Colleen get worried but soon melted away when Morgan tells them she wants to give her baby to them because one of the photos they showed her reminded her of her relationship with her father.

“Demo Neosebreth Surgery Match” another amazing episode. Even though I find the Tim and Tyler story to be average; as it had its moments but didn’t deliver an ending. The Jen-Greg and John-Joan stories were really hilarious and held up better. But Matt and Colleen story that had me thinking that this adoption was going to go south but didn’t. For the last season, Matt and Colleen’s journey to have a family has been a rollercoaster ride; knowing that they are almost there is truly a breathtaking moment. The character development in this episode was very good for Jen and Greg, John and Joan, and even Matt and Colleen. The writing was good as well. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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