Superstore (S04E16) “Easter”

When Amy learns of the secret cameras in the store; she also learns the secrets employees say about her. Also, a runaway bunny rabbit is on the lose and Dina tries to catch it. Here’s a recap!

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After a meeting, Amy and Dina try to find a person in a bunny suit walking around in the store; that is until Amy learns of the store’s security cameras that are around and that includes the breakroom. There she sees and listens to Mateo and he’s talking about her. Soon she learns everyone talks about her behind her back, but when she tells Jonah; the cat comes out of the bag and Mateo and Cheyenne played her.

Glenn has a Passover play at his church but learns that he got the role as Judas. Jonah learns that Garrett like one of his shirts; and tries to get a compliment in person. Dina hunts for the bunny and gets Sandra to help. But the bunny happens to be Jerry. As Dina finds the bunny, she gets Sandra to get him; but she tells Dina that she doesn’t see it and it soon freaks Dina out.

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“Easter” may not be one of the best episodes of the year but it’s sure a good one to watch and rewatch once in a while. The writing was good along with the performances from the cast, it’s probably one of the weakest episodes of the season. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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