Legends of Tomorrow (S04E12) “The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe”

Alright guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us tonight and it was a really good one! What does Nuron/Desmond want with Ava? Will Nora and Constantine team up go well? All things and more we will talk about in this review so lets get to it!

So in this episode we see Sara (Caity Lotz) and the team find Ava (Jes Macallan) unconscious, when they need to find out info on how and why she got unconscious and stuck in her own mind they had to find Nuron/Desmond (Christian Keyes) in order to do that, they needed Constantine (Matt Ryan). When Constantine finds a away to get Sara into Ava’s mind they jump for it but in order to find Nuron, Constantine needed Nora’s (Courtney Ford) help. The two of them team up to find Nuron and to question him by sealing him into a room that they were using for the monsters.

As Nuron was trapped into the room the two of them tried interrogating him first but were getting no where, so they tried using Nate (Nick Zano) to question Nuron. But Nate wanted to know the real reason why Hank had to die by his hands. So Nuron confessed to all about what he was planning for the monsters that were being trapped by the bureau. Turned out Nuron was wanting the monsters to do his bidding by scarring the people into giving their souls to Nuron instead of making proper deals like a regular demon. But when Nuron found out about the true purpose of Project Hades to make them as helpers for the theme park for monsters, so I guess I can see how Nuron could feel betrayed but it would still be no reason to kill the guy.

Meanwhile, Sara and Ava were having quite a horrible time trying to figure out things about their relationship but it turns into a whole test and it looks like Sara has a deadline to make sure she really wants Ava before Tabatha a demon known to partner up with Nuron in Hell was coming and it turned out Ava was going to become the vessel to the demon. So in a last ditch effort with a creepy Gary (Adam Tsekhman) for some reason in Ava’s head, Sara had to confess that she only wanted the Ava that she knows and no other woman. Because love conquered, the demon Tabatha was not able to make Ava her vessel…or did she? I guess we will have to really wait and find out sooner or later.

When Constantine and Nora tried to exorcise Nuron by having him leave Desmond’s body and convince him to take Nora, and just when they were about to have him and begin the exorcism. Ray had to jump in and ruin everything forcing Nuron to get away and put Nora into a temporary coma, but at least her vitals are stable but now that Nora is unconscious and unresponsive, here’s the question how did Nuron get into Ray? From what we saw at the final moments of the episode that Ray was possessed by Nuron, so how did the demon get into him? I guess it will be revealed sooner or later but if it’s not then it will be up to our imagination to find out how.

And finally, we saw for most of the episode Zari (Tala Ashe) contemplating wither or not to text Nate and confess how she feels about him, and for most part it was just fun texting and nothing serious, until we see Zari finally break and ask Nate out in a text but thankfully he never read the text but will we ever get a Zari and Nate ship happen for relationship wise? Will things begin well? I mean like how I’ve said before I can never really see Zari and Nate actually being together, together, but I’m willing to give it a try if the writers ever stop teasing us!

And it looks like next weeks episode is gonna be pretty spooky!

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow (S04E13) “Egg MacGuffin” airs Monday April 29, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW