Chicken Girls (S04E06) “You’re Invited””

“You’re Invited” to Rooney’s sweet 16 party, in what looks like Attaway’s school gym! It’s 1/2 the school attending,  at last count. But you only turn 16 once in a lifetime , right?  Go big! 

However,  the big in “You’re Invited” is big secrets revealed. Why not?  It’s a party and the best place for secrets to  come out and play! 

First off, Rhyme confronts Ellie about Robby.  El psychologically clapsback, with a, “why you so mad?!” Is it because you lost your boyfriends?! Emphasis on the “s” 

Rhy then tells everyone. Misery loves company.  Group hug, group shun. But it was a valid  question, wasn’t it? Why do you care?! What’s the piss off, Rhy, “fo’real” 

Flash is busted by…Rhy. Yes, Effie is the new love.  She’s  “Warrior Princess03” to his “Gone in a Flash”  Rhy pushes Kayla to confront. They break up. 

And then, Drake arrives. He made it! He and Rooney hug. Stephanie sees and looks uncomfortable. She remembers their closeness, laughs, holding hands…”rut roh” jealous?  Where’s her girlfriend? 

While looking at a photo gallery, Drake put together for Rooney,  they kiss. Rhy sees it and runs off. It just ain’t her night! 

But then Rhy runs into Ezra. He came to the party to apologize to her. Well maybe her night is getting better. 

Pursuant to last week’s questions , “Where is Spike?”  well he shows up at the party. He’s left standing alone by a very pissed off Birdie.

Yes. Party’s are the best place to reveal secrets, drop bombs and still manage to have a great time! 

Loved this episode; leaves ya’eager for the next…

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