The Flash (S05E19) “Snow Pack”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight! Is Nora working on becoming a villainous speedster? What does future Grace/Cicada want with present Grace? Will Iris and Ralph be able to talk down Nora before it’s too late for Nora? Will Icicle’s plan for a snow pack work or will Team Flash defeat him in time? We will discuss all and more in the review so lets get to it!

So in tonight’s episode we saw the consequences of Barry’s/The Flash (Grant Gustin) actions by sending Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) back to the future time line without discussing it with Iris (Candice Patton). I mean I understand that Barry did what he did because it’s Thawne/Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh) his greatest arch nemesis that always seems to alter something in his life or puppet something in his life and it’s because of how Sherloque (also Tom Cavanagh) worded Nora’s betrayal that stuck with Barry, making him think that Thawne was the true mastermind, the true puppeter of everything in his life and more so it’s because of that. Barry chose to take Nora back to the future, does he regret it? Yes, absolutely!

It’s because of this however that made Thawne accidentally or purposefully speak of how he used to travel through time and through the speed force without detection. And as we already know by the story that Thawne had told to Barry back in Season 1, of how he became the reverse of Barry, and that he had adored Barry at first before hating him. But it was never really explained until now how he kept traveling without any speedsters including Barry in how they never detected him coming until it was too late. It was the Negative Speed Force or what is now known as in the new comics the Dark Force, it’s like the Speed Force but instead of it being for the light and allowing you to travel through time to any specific spot that certain speedster wants to, the Dark Force focuses on the negativity that happened in speedsters lives and focuses on that rage and anger and manipulates the speedster to become nothing but a dark speedster forever. And it’s already been hinted that we might or might not be seeing Red Death (The Dark Batman Speedster) in Season 6 so it would make sense to introduce the Dark Force in this season to help people prepare for what will be introduced to the audience again possibly next season. But it’s also been hinted that Godspeed might be the villain for Season 6 as well so it’s hard to really know which one will truly become the villain for next season.

Because Thawne had revealed the Dark Force to Nora; Nora wanted to try to use the Dark Force to be able to get back to her father in 2019. It makes sense in why Nora wanted to go back to Barry, to explain more and to try to talk to him about why she chose to work Thawne for all this time even if he wouldn’t listen. But even Nora couldn’t gain access to the Dark Force because even though she had a little hate and anger towards Barry, she didn’t fully hate him and didn’t resent him because she still had the light that was of her father in her. It wasn’t because of Barry though that made Nora successful in becoming one with the Dark Force, but it was because of Iris and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) coming to the future to try to talk down Nora that forced her anger to max further than Thawne’s hate that opened him to the Dark Force, and it was because of Iris coming that made Nora realize how much she truly hates Barry and how much she wants to resent him and make his life hell that opened her up to the Dark Force and we even saw all the negativity throughout her life we even saw when she was in the Dark Force that her suit went from white and black to black and red but then changed back in a second of a frame or scene which term you prefer.

Meanwhile, Icicle/Thomas Snow (Kyle Secor) returned to the scene to try to make his whole family a snow pack which apparently sounds terrifying, I mean who would really want to be a part of a snow pack? Even though in the comics there is a group of ice villains that are a part of a snow pack so it’s interesting that they are finally doing something with that from the comics to the series. But sadly this snow pack wont have all of it’s members, mainly because it means something completely different in the series; in the series it was a nickname that Thomas used to call his family of Carla Tannhauser (Susan Walters) and Caitlin/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) when they were together. And it seems Icicle wants to make Carla an ice persona so they can all  become a happy ice family; but in the moment of Icicle using the ice modulator that he stole from Carla to make her a ice persona, Caitlin used her persona Killer Frost to go up against Icicle for one last time. As Icicle was about to kill both Caitlin and Killer Frost, Thomas finally gained control to take away the ice persona permanently forcing there to only be Thomas. But just when Caitlin got her father back, he was taken away from her once again this time by death. Future Grace/Cicada 2 (Sarah Carter) came in to steal the ice modulator but while doing so she wanted to exterminate Barry and Caitlin but just before the knife could hit Caitlin, Thomas got in the way to protect his daughter. Rest in Peace Thomas Snow, you died the hero that Caitlin always saw you as which is the best way to ever go out in a comic series.

Now we saw that the blood sample did eventually turn white for Carla which means she is an ice meta now. But which ice villain or hero will she turn out to become? In my opinion Carla’s ice persona could either be Ice, Ice Maiden, Blue Snowman, or Minister Blizzard; either way I’m kinda curious to see how Carla’s ice persona and Caitlin’s Killer Frost go head to head with each other. And I’m sure we will find out soon enough!

We did see Nora come out of the Dark Force with the same red eyes that Thawne has when he wears his Reverse Flash suit, so what will Nora now become and can she be redeemed? We will find out soon enough!

Next Episode: The Flash (S05E20) “Gone Rogue” airs Tuesday April 30, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW