The Bold Type S03E03 “Stroke Of Genius”

Make some time everyone, because TBT is here again! During a tough week, exactly in the middle of it, you need some kick to make through the rest and that’s where TBT comes in! My guilty pleasure – or not so guilty because I have no regrets and you should have none either. This week’s episode is called ‘Stroke of Genius’.

not something you want to find

Speaking of pleasure, our beloved Jane found out that her boyfriend couldn’t stand 2 weeks without having sex and he used… well, her computer to help himself. Seriously Ryan? On Jane’s computer? But it was so funny. His reaction was priceless, really! It was also funny to see Jane realizing she’s actually vanilla after denying that she is not. Made my day, literally!

But back to being serious. it’s amazing how these two can explore each other’s desires and develop as a couple on almost every level. I have no doubts Jane made the right choice. What was the most admirable – his behavior after they got back from the egg freezing. He was so protective of her and more importantly, he wanted to order her Thai, Chinese, and sushi all for one dinner! Oh, he is a dream-boy. The definition of perfection.

don’t mess with the dress

In Sutton’s life, there’s always a first-do-worry-later kinda thinking. But I like that about her. I wish I could be like her if it’s about that sphere. Not only does she not worry about stuff without the need for drama, but she also always happens to figure things out after, so everything is perfectly solved. She saved the shooting by redoing the dress. You can say she thinks quick and acts even quicker.

But she convinced the designer to accept the modification and that was a bit harder than using imagination we know she has. Well, that and the gift of persuasion she has too. The designer said she’s worth the mess with changing the production and she was right. All of this has helped Sutton realize she wants to be a designer too. Her man supports her all the way, whatever decision she makes. So is Oliver. I say to follow your dreams, girl. You deserve it and I wish you luck!

making a change

In this episode, Kat decides to make a change and she starts helping in the election. She gives a lot to do that. She recruits her friends to help, she takes initiative and even takes the mike too when there’s a need. Glad to see she deals with her heart broken in her own way. Seems like it’s good for her. Something tells me she’s about to do something more. Perhaps she is going to eventually run as a candidate. She has a voice to do that and she’s passionate when she wants something. That girl has everything she needs! Go ahead Kat, you can do great things, you really have the power!

what’s your favorite?

There were not many together scenes this time. I recall the one at the doctor with hugging on the couch and fighting over who’s gonna be the favorite auntie someday. That was fun. There was also the one connected with talking about sexual experience and the ice cream tastes. That was quite good too. Oh wait, there was looking for the links on the internet! That was the best one! But as there was an important lesson in this episode, let’s make some place to discuss it now.

an important lesson

I’m obviously talking about Alex’s situation. This topic is extremely important. That sometimes you may think you’re being decent and you don’t push too much on someone but the other person feels completely different. Alex learned that in his own hard way. But he was brave to do the right thing. He talked about the subject with almost every woman from Scarlet. Plus he risked his career by publishing a piece in which he admits to being Jeff from the story.

We will see what’s the consequences are, other than not nice comments on twitter. But the biggest takeaway from all this is that he acted like a real man and he compensated for the past behavior. That’s why I admire this guy. But not as a Sutton lover, this is an exception and always will be. But hey, Kat is still single! He can try with her! Too soon? I’m sorry. All I mean is they had a connection in the first episode of this season and perhaps this could transform into something bigger 🙂

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See you next week! Stay tuned!