Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E14) “Ticking Clock”

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The Nine-Nine precinct is hit with a computer hacker, they must find him before it’s could be too late. Will they stop the hacker in real time? Here’s a recap!

brooklyn nine nine - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E14) "Ticking Clock"

The episode starts off with Hitchcock and Scully heating up their lasagna at the time of a normal runtime of an episode. Soon, Jake and Rosa see that Holt is not himself; as Jake believes he’s having a meltdown, which he is. Someone has hacked into the precinct’s computer and gets the unit to look everywhere for the suspect.

As Seg. Knox (guest star Sean Astin) tries to stop the hacker, things start taking a turn for the worst as the holding cells were opened automatic; Rose dealing not only work but a personal matter with her relationship with Jocelyn. Even Amy, who rushes from the dentist tries to get there to help as she has a bad case of the FOMOW. As the team reunites and Knox locating the suspect, Jake finally learns that the suspect is no other than Knox. The reason because he feared that my might recognized him from a previous case.

As the team comes back to Holt, Holt has a gun at his back as Knox holds a standoff with Jake and the team. But soon the timer of the oven for Hitchcock and Scully’s garlic bread was distracting enough for Jake to take down Knox and arrested him. Even though Rose missed the action she fixed her relationship with Jocelyn.

Even though the garlic bread was burnt at the end; Jake advised Hitchcock and Scully to eat the lasagna without the bread, which they did.

“Ticking Clock” was another hilarious episode. The episode was so well done; with strong character development with Rosa and Jocelyn. And the character of Knox that was so well played; performed by Sean Astin. The humor throughout this episode just hit the marks and the writing was solid. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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