MacGyver (S03E20) “No-Go + High-Voltage + Rescue”

MacGyver (Lucas Till) and the team are back in action with another episode full of twists, turns, and a nearly impossible challenge. If we know anything about the team, they are up for anything and everything, especially when someone’s life is on the line.

No stone left unturned

Bozer (Justin Hires) has been making strides in the lab, developing new tech that allows Sparky to analyze peoples emotions. It seems to work too well when Sparky picks up on a seemingly mutual “crush” between MacGyver and Desi (Levy Tran). This leads Bozer to worry because when MacGyver’s heart gets involved, his brain doesn’t always follow.

It doesn’t take long for a new mission to gain all their focus, thus putting other thoughts on the back burner. A families heartbreaking plea to find their missing children falls on deaf ears until James (Tate Donovan) connects to their plight. Instead of leaving the family to their own devices, they decide to go covert and help ease the families fears. Even if they are flying solo, the team is all in.

macgyvers03e203 1024x576 - MacGyver (S03E20) “No-Go + High-Voltage + Rescue”
MacGyver, facing his fears to save lives. (Photo: Google)

Following in the footsteps of Ben (Andrew Brodeur) and Isabel (Emily Marie Palmer), proves to be rather difficult. Finding themselves in South America, taking part in the dangerous “No-Go” challenge. They are able to retrace the pairs final steps, uncovering a human trafficking ring in the process. It’s another race against the clock, but the team always has a plan up their sleeves, especially with MacGyver involved.

things are never as they seem

As the episode passes, you can’t help but over analyze the “relationship” between Desi and MacGyver, just as Bozer does. I mean they have done it before, and have been successful with significant characters being together, but I’m not sure if it would fit at this point in time. Although I am open for whatever the writers choose to do, there is something off-putting about romance just being thrown into the mix.

MacGyver and the team are able to turn the tides on the would be “kidnappers”. Although it came close, these characters can really hold their own. As we know, there is always something more going on behind the scenes, and time is always of the essence. There never seems to be enough of it. Since they all mesh so well together and are able to play off of each other’s strengths, they make it look easy when they kick ass and take names.

macgyvers03e201 1024x661 - MacGyver (S03E20) “No-Go + High-Voltage + Rescue”
The team, always has you covered. (Photo: Twitter/CBS)

In danger of losing not only Isabel and Ben but the dozens of others who have been captured, they must think outside the box once again. In the face of danger, they do some of their best work. Saving lives is what they do, and they seem to excel at it. This mission is no different. Not only are they able to reunite families, but they are also able to help Interpol shut down the human trafficking ring.

What is to come? No one knows

Perspectives are changing, evolving. James is more sentimental now, since his diagnosis. He used to be all about the mission, but now he sees the bigger picture. Life is fragile, and he just wants to see his son get back home in one piece. It’s going to be a sad day when James loses his fight, and it’s coming sooner than any of us would like.

The friends come together, as they always do after a successful mission. Desi makes a brief appearance since other plans call to her. It seems that she has a date, and it’s not with MacGyver. Could this be the end of their imaginary romance? Only time will tell.

A new episode of MacGyver airs on Friday, May 3 on CBS at 8/7c.