Life In Pieces (S04E03) “Misery Turd Name Pills”

Thursday’s episode of Life In Pieces was another half-hour of quality comedy. Here’s a recap!


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When Joan still on bedrest, she gets bored and tries to get anyone to stay with her. But she should be careful who she gets; as Sophia comes to deliver her a sandwich and soon stays to talk and play games. Joan soon realizes that she can’t keep up and tries to stop playing with Sopha. It soon becomes a Misery situation for Joan; until she gets Sophia out of the house to get more games but as Joan finally starts to walk; she tries to lock the door before Sopha cames back but it was too late and might be playing Twister.

Matt and Colleen get the family to meet with Morgan and the first impression wasn’t an instant home run with them at all. With her attitude towards the family calling them name calling, rude interrupting,  and even calling Sophia the B-word. Matt tells Colleen that he needs to do something but she doesn’t want him to do anything. But John confronts the family, that was hiding in the bathroom, to tell them that they need to be there for Matt and Colleen They did and acted nice towards Morgan as she was really part of their family.

As Greg finally got the only bassinet in town for their baby. Jen tells Greg the name she has in mind for their baby, Alex. Soon, Greg learns that Matt and Colleen are picking Alex for their baby too. But when Greg tells Matt that he’ll tell the family that he and Jen picked the name; Matt rushes to the family to announced first, with the family excited. Jen, whos’ not too happy, gets Greg to fight for the name back and when he did he not only get the name back; but gave Matt and Colleen their bassinet and two stools

Heather might have found a way to start her own business. When a mom witnesses Heather gave Soph

ia a pill to calm her down, Heather explains that it’s just candy and that the mother would buy a lot for her family. Soon, Heather and her family started an empire of candy pills called Fell Better

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s and went to Jen’s house to sell to the moms that were there, which became a seller. But Jen stops Heather as she tells her and Tim that companies can sue them; for which they stopped. Heather tells Jen another idea about combining glue and vitamins but that fell flat and decides to get her realtor license.

“Misery Turd Name Pills” was a fantastic episode. The Misery story was so brilliant and well done. As Sophia confronts Joan about calling and taking the phone away that just started to get so creepy. And when Sophia brought out the little mallet, that just freaked me out even more. The Turd story was very good and the performance from Joey King was hilarious playing Morgan. The story had some wonderful moments, mostly when John confronts the family to act better in front of Matt, Colleen, and Morgan.

As for Jen and Greg, which are my favorite couple in the family, had another funny story fighting for the name Alex with Matt and Colleen. I feel so bad that they couldn’t win with the name Alex with the family at the end. And Heather’s story brought me back to Breaking Bad as she and her family are making and selling candy pills. Good character development on Heather’s character and she could become a realtor down the road. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode as it had good character development, hilarious moments and even some moving moments too. I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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