Legends of Tomorrow (S04E13) “Egg McGuffin”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight! Nate and Zari had their first date while working on a mission, Sara and Ava had book club, Mona forced Mick’s hand to reveal he’s the romantic author, and we had Ray make a difficult choice all and more will be discussed so lets get to this review!

So in this episode we had Ray (Brandon Routh) find out that he was fighting oppression against Nuron to complete the possession. Nuron was working really hard to try to force Ray’s hand in so many ways to get full on possession over Ray but no matter what Ray would not say yes or okay or make a deal with the evil thing. Eventually Ray’s hand was being forced when it was Nate’s (Nick Zano) life at risk that forced Ray to become possessed by Nuron but only if Nuron would not harm Nate because Ray always sees Nate as the brother relationship he wishes he had with his own brother. Which is understandable as to why he would make that deal with Nuron. But truth be told I always thought it would be Nora’s (Courtney Ford) life at stake that would force Ray’s hand because he loves her but I guess we all can’t really decide when things happen.

Meanwhile Nate and Zari (Tala Ashe) had a match making date sequence happen due to a time alert that was for an egg, but more importantly a dragon’s egg which is awesome I mean dragon’s man! Does this mean that either Zari or Nate is gonna have a pet dragon? Or will Mick (Dominick Purcell) take possession of the dragon who knows but it’s awesome that it’s theirs now. As for the date night, they at first thought the whole thing was staged and if it wasn’t for Sara (Caity Lotz) to say “hey it’s not a fake mission it’s real” then they would’ve just been possibly dead. I mean come on writers, are you really gonna make Zari have a blonde moment for this episode, she’s always been a smart and cunning kind of woman and an awesome woman but instead the writers had her do a full blonde moment. But I guess love and following your heart does make us all do and think dumb things so I guess I can forgive.

As for Mick/Heatwave, he had a ton of invites from Romanti-Con’s and didn’t want to ever go because he had to use the fake name Rebbecca Silver for his writings because no one would ever buy a book that is by his real name since he’s an old convict. But given that Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) was trying to get Mick to go to the convention but have her as impersonating as Rebbecca Silver just so they could get the money that belongs to him. Even though Mick agreed, I don’t think he would’ve expected Mona (Ramona Young) to show up and force his hand to reveal that Mick is Rebbecca Silver. Poor Mick, his secret is out but it’s not a bad thing because everybody loved him for his writings and his books.

As for Nuron, now that he has full possession over Ray and even forced Gary (Adam Tsekhman) to the dark side thanks to his alive nipple from hell; that is very weird now that I’ve typed it and said it out loud. But it’s true Gary has his nipple from hell back attached to him again and now he’s pledged his allegiance to Nuron instead of Constantine (Matt Ryan) which is forcing Gary to enter into super villain territory now, so what will happen with Gary now?

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow (S04E14) “Nip/Stuck” airs Monday May 6, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW