Supergirl (S04E19) “American Dreamer”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode, and I want to truly apologize for this review getting to my readers a little late but at least it’s here now and you can read all about it! James goes through some pretty traumatic memories that he didn’t want to relive, Will Kara and Lena’s friendship go up in ruins? We will be discussing a lot in this review so lets get started!

So in this episode we saw that Lena (Katie McGrath), Brainy (Jesse Rath), Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Kelly (Azie Tesfai) are trying to help James (Mehcad Brooks) with the super power problem that is always being triggered by stress and remembering the trauma. So Brainy came up with a solution while Lena tried to pull the super power part of the serum out of the heart. But because Lena wasn’t sure if it would work or not she chose to test it before doing it to James. While Lena was busy, Brainy thought it would be a good idea for James to have a mind palace kind of like the one that Brainy helped Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) make back in season 2 or 3 I forgot exactly which  season it was but I know it was one of those two seasons.

As for James it took a lot more work to help him with making his palace for his mind because of the blocked trauma that he had with dealing with his father’s funeral. So while things were getting pretty crazy out in the real world, Brainy tried helping James with that blocked trauma trying so hard to find out what that block was and why it was there. I have to admit that Brainy had some pretty wise wisdom that he had for both Kelly and for James. I mean Kelly seemed to have been kind of hesitant about a lot but it was because of Alex that Kelly was able to have the strength to carry on and help James. As Brainy and James kept coming to halts in the story it seemed that James didn’t want to relive the worst day of his life but he had to and it was thanks to Kelly that he was able to finally help Kelly understand why he wasn’t there for the funeral that day. It’s because he was there but locked in another coffin which explains James being claustrophobic at points.

Meanwhile Ben/Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) was on his hunt with the D.E.O to lock up all aliens by doing this he angered a very vengeful alien for taking her husband but you have to admit that this would happen eventually. Especially with him taking all the aliens who have been living peacefully and make them look like criminals when they are not. And when it came to Supergirl not being able to do anything to help, we needed a new hero and so in the shadows a new hero emerges, our awesome and badass in the making Nia Nal/Dreamer (Nicole Maines) which I have to admit the whole new trick that she learned with the whip with her powers that is pretty cool. And if it wasn’t for Nia suggesting to Kara to stop with her current article on Lex and to focus on something for hope to help the aliens and humans to see that even though there is darkness there will always be hope.

And that’s exactly what Kara did she did a special interview so that everyone would have the hope to do what needed to be done. Even though all aliens might’ve not taken that message the way it was meant to. But you know Dreamer did make everyone have the hope that they had when Supergirl was seen in their eyes and that’s what was the idea. But now Kara and Lena will focus on the Lex article together to find out the truth about what Lex was really up to and how he made Supergirl Public Enemy Number One! With this being the second episode of Public Enemy story arc, I’m looking forward to it continuing at least for another two episodes and have it finally end in the season finale but we shall see.

Next Episode: Supergirl (S04E20) “Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?” airs Sunday May 5, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW