Superstore (S04E17) “Quinceanera”

It’s Emma’s quinceanera and it doesn’t go the way she or Amy had hoped. Here’s a recap!

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“Quinceanera” was such a family-fun, hilarious episode that really had moments of embarrassment for the characters; yet happy with the outcome. It’s Emma’s quinceanera and Amy and Adam hope to give her the best that she can have, but it doesn’t turn out the way they had hoped. Jonah is overwhelmed by what to get Emma; really how to act because they haven’t been close since Amy and he has been dating.

When the party is rolling and everyone from work is there; Jonah makes an embarrassment of riches when he walks into Emma’s moment when he brings in the ice and spills. Next thing he gets roasted by Amy’s relatives; but Jonah gets one redemption moment when Emma sit next to him and he learns that she’s high, while the father-daughter dance begins and Jonah tries to protect her from being embarrassed. Even though Amy figured it out and thought that Jonah should have told her; she thought it was awesome.

Meanwhile, Garrett and Dina get into about how she’s probably dressed inappropriately enough for this teenage boy that gets a crush on her. At first, Garrett shows the kid about what boobs look like, while Dina tries to make Garrett jealous by dancing with the kid. Also, Cheyenne and Mateo try to make Amy get emotional because they enjoy seeing her sow her emotions. Let’s just say that it was successful at first but it got weird and wacky at the end.

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I’d very much enjoyed this episode from beginning to the end; while the wacky stuff was minor storylines in this episode, the focus was really between Jonah, Amy, and Emma. Isabella Day’s performance was very good as Emma and the scenes with Ben Feldman felt embarrassing at times but a triumph while they become close in their relationship. The episode had good character development and the writing was so good.  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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