Bull (S03E20) “The Good One “

“The Good One”  is “The Good Son” and young heir of an infamous crime family. He along with an unremorseful brother, is  on trial for the brutal murder of a judge. He’s  claiming innocence. But is it a case of the sins of the father or how far does the apple fall from the tree? 

Brendan ( Myles Clohessy) and Connor ( Garrett Forster) McCandless are in trouble . There’s a cut throat murder on the streets; and Judge Stanley (Joseph Ragno) is dead.  He bleeds out on the street, “in broad daylight” Their mama  Collen (Laila Robins) goes to see Bull, for “the good one”

A reluctant Benny goes all in, although Connor , “The Good One”  won’t turn on the brother.  That same brother that put a gun to his head, forcing him to drive, “the getaway car”  …after sliting the throat of the judge!

It seems the brothers had  a pack to “always have each other’s back” regardless…

A man of honor, Connor won’t turn on his brother nor testify. He’s naive, cause Brendan points the finger at him, as the organizer! 

It’s a different version of Cain and Abel and the sacrifices at the altar, are plenty.

But before getting a chance to lie on the stand, Brendan is murdered in the yard. “Rut Roh”  I wasn’t surprised at his death, although I was thinking suicide.   

“Who dun it?” fingers point to Connor; even though the loss of his brother didn’t help his case. In fact he lost a few green!  He didn’t orchestrate it, yet he’s paying for it.

Later,  an eye witness, making a food delivery the night of the murder, is found. Yuri, (Boris Khaykin) saw the gun being held by Brendan to the head of Connor, showing he wasn’t involved, but a hostage.

But the TAC  jury remained in agreement to convict.  it’s all  red. 

Ultimately, Bull calls on the infamous father, Donovan ( Thomas Francis Murphy) The crime  lord

Although his testimony is pleading, remorseful, filled with fatherly pride and sincere;  I do not understand the outcome. What happened? 

In typical Bull fashion, something leads to the acquittal. Some finding,  there is some kind of revelation. With this case being such an, “against all odds”  I don’t see how it came out in  the defendent’s favor.  What was the “got’cha-got’it?” moment? 

Being a stickler for such things, I guess I’ll have to see it again.  No problem!

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