Chicken Girls (S04E7) “Teacher Takeover”

It’s  a “Teacher Takeover”  when the  students “sub” for the teachers for a day.

However, the romantic dance of confusion between the not triangle of Rhyme, Rooney, and Drake plays out in the classroom. The “Teacher Takeover” plays out like a hostile  takeover.

Rhyme’s the teacher. She takes every opportunity to jab 2 of her students, Rooney and Drake. She uses her own interpretation of Romeo dumping Rosalie for Juliet for discussion. Bitter much?   

Across the hall, Luna jabs Ellie about Robby. She uses the sinking of the Titanic as a consequence for lying! Uh?   I’m going to  think on that one.

Later, in an act of empathy, compassion and forgiveness; Robby comes through for a frustrated and unemployed Spike, as well as meeting his own personal needs. 

It seems, Mama Robby  doesn’t like touring alone . She’s come to rely on her son as assistant . Well Robby’s not ready to pick up his former assignment. He wants to finish school and won’t leave Ellie again. Awww. They are so cute together! 

A square off at the lockers, with Ellie and Rooney coming east and Rhyme with Luna coming west, is foiled by Stephanie.  She slides in between the quad before blows. They all scream at each other as Stephanie referees. 

We’ll see if the much ado, about what is truly nothing is resolved next week. For the fued between, Rhy and Ezra seems to be softening. I doubt if she’ll care if Rooney and Drake are almost dating and El and Robby have reconciled. She won’t care; bet’cha!

She also won’t care about the Flash, Kayla and Effie triangle,  cheat or whatever we call it. They both walked.  Flash is alone with his video games.  Cheaters truly don’t prosper! 

Chicken Girls airs on YouTube ‘s Brat channel, Tuesday’s 3p/Pacific