The Bold Type S03E04 “The Deep End”


Hi everyone! I feel so empowered after watching this week’s episode so if there is anyone who did not see it by now… drop everything you’re about and go see it immediately!

Jane played a measure role in this one. Starting with her obstinacy to write a story that can ruin her career. The story that writing about is dangerous because it tells the hard truth about reality in model and fashion world. Jane decides to dig into a woman that has been abusing models physically and mentally. I’m amazed that Jane isn’t scared about the consequences and she’s gonna do it anyway. I’m also amazed about Jacquelline supporting this decision. That duo could not be more perfect if it’s about fighting for women’s rights. But that’s not all. In this episode Jacqueline struggled whether or not she should leave Scarlet because of growing position of Patrick. Jacqueline kinda felt that her position is endangered and she decided to leave after 10 years of being an editor. She planned on doing it during her anniversary event. But then Jane stepped in. She reminded Jacqueline about someone who never gave up on job that loves even when everyone around was hoping to see it. In a clever way Jane got into Jacqueline mind and persuaded her not to give up. In that moment we saw Jane becoming more of a Jaqueline and Jacueline being a student not a teacher for a change. That moment was amazing. Jacqueline’s speech was too.

Sutton worked hard on making dress that can make her application for designer training. With a little help of her boyfriend who brought her dinner and other pleasure in fashion closet she made a dress. Unfortunately Oliver didn’t like that idea much, he thought she can do better. Sutton was kinda upset but she took second opinion of a designer that has approved her dress changed the episode before. But she got her rough time too. Then Sutton and Oliver had an honest talk and he told her that she was being honest not because he doesn’t believe in her but exactly because he knows there is more in Sutton than the dress she made. And that is was got her more power to try again. Someone can tell that was a failure but in my opinion that was a part of a process. And she’s gonna achieve her goals because she’s persistent and hard-working as hell. Also Sutton helped Oliver like Jane did help Jacqueline. By giving a cold water, a golden advice about life. It’s an example that we need ourselves, no matter what bossy relation it is between us – people – sometimes we are just a little bit lost and in need of being reminded what is right to do.

Kat being busy with running for city counselor preparation had to deal with the fact that the opposition may bring in details from her life. Details that are private, that was supposed to stay private. We found out that Kat had an abortion in her twenties. She didn’t even drop that in to conversation with her best friends till now. Not because she doesn’t trust them but… because she had no idea how to do that. She struggled whether she should run or not and tell the world what she did in the past. Then she realized she’s not ashamed of what she did. She did what was best for her at the moment, she did what she believed then and she’s not a bad person. Once she realized that she knew she was perfectly sure she should run and be open about all of things. And she made that dance with Tia, hell yes, it was great! I’m proud of Kat using her voice to do right in the world. I’m glad she didn’t frightened and stayed, even more powerful than before. Jane did that, Sutton did that, Kat did that and the best ever mentor Jacqueline also did that in this episode. I couldn’t ask for more!

Together scenes. Not only between Jane, Sutton and Kat. Gotta say the one in the fashion closet was fun! Jane asking HOW?, Jane telling YOU’RE SO DRAMATIC. I really had fun. But also the scene with Jacqueline and Oliver. That was something. These two are like the best mentors of all time. Talking one to another, having each other’s back. That was a whole different higher level than everything we saw before. And I truly believe they can survive everything life will put them trough. They promised it to themselves and they feel like they need to do this for the world so they will.
For now let’s hope for new amazing goings-on in next week’s episode! See you all then!

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