Veep (S07E05) “Super Tuesday”


“Super Tuesday” is super, you know. Again, while it seems like Veep may be setting Selina up for a fall, she’s surprisingly been able to defy the odds and expectations stacked against her. Just as in American politics, Super Tuesday has the largest number of primaries, this episode presented Selina with, as of now, the greatest number of obstacles.

Super Tuesday Selina furious that she cant rig an election 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

Whether it’s taking out Kemi Talbot, the Meyer Fund, Andrew’s upcoming indictment, The Washington Post looking into potential election fraud, the Chinese, and the comments about her age and appearance before anything else, Selina had a lot on her plate this week, but with the possible exception of Andrew, she got through it all unscathed.

Super Tuesday Selina learns about Andrews ties to the Chinese 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

While we don’t know the results of Super Tuesday, that’s not really important- despite the episode title, anyway. How is Selina doing by episode’s end? It doesn’t matter. What matters is her public image. In this episode, I don’t think Selina could give less of a shit how she’s polling. The Meyer Fund investigation, Andrew being referred to as her husband, the public finding out about the fraud- that’s what matters.

Super Tuesday Selina talks with Mike about Kemi Talbots husband 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

For so long, Selina has often been a lightning rod to misfortune. She still is, but this week, with everything thrown at her, Selina bats it all away through either good fortune or the usefulness of her team. Tom James is, for the moment, out of the picture. That just leaves Kemi Talbot. So Selina does what…some politicians do best: lie. Tax evasion is serious business, and whether true or otherwise, the accusation is enough.

Super Tuesday Kemi Talbot answers questions about her husbands tax irregularities 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

This automatically put Kemi Talbot on the defensive, which is helpful because she’s Selina’s greatest obstacle to overcome at the moment. Were this Buddy or Jonah, it wouldn’t matter, but Talbot’s meteoric rise is cause for concern when you’re running against her. It’s a cheap tactic, but works in getting the press to lay off of Selina for a moment.

Super Tuesday Andrew proposes Gary as the fall guy for the Meyer Fund 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

Not that they were ever going to leave her alone. The Meyer Fund investigation wasn’t going to just go away. I mean, it eventually did, but before that, Selina still has to deal with Andrew signing her name- effectively making her the fall-woman. Even with everything going on with the election, she’s got her (ex) husband to deal with and his presence just makes things worse.

Super Tuesday Keith has no idea what Selina is talking about 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

He’s that itch that Selina just can’t scratch or burn off…but Keith Quinn certainly can. In such a short amount of time, Quinn has been able to make massive gains that no one on Team Selina ever could, all with a smile on his face. I love the enthusiasm that Andrew Daly brings to this role, but also how crooked Quinn can be. After all, he read Selina’s face as telling him to blow up Andrew. Hard to misinterpret that.

Though perhaps I’ve watched too much television. Even with the devastating news of Andrew’s ‘demise,’ I don’t believe someone dies until I’ve seen a body. It’s entirely possible that Andrew’s death is indeed just an off-screen death, but I remain skeptical. Perhaps the Meyer Fund investigation will pop back up and Andrew will be a surprise witness. Stranger things have happened.

Super Tuesday Selina learns of Andrews apparent death 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

That said, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was great in her scene when Selina learned about Andrew’s death. She was devastated, but like the death of her mother, she uses the tragedy for her own political purposes. For example, Catherine was rightfully pissed about her mother spoiling Marjorie’s engagement announcement, but Selina threw Andrew’s death right back at her.

Super Tuesday Selina hugs Catherine 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

You’ve also got Talbot issuing her statement refuting Selina. But rather than Selina just, you know, being honest, she brings up Marjorie’s announcement. Selina will use just about whoever she needs to whenever it fits her. It goes along with the “New Selina. Now” model she’s been touting. At least she’s graduated from showing Little Richard around like a prop.

Super Tuesday Jonah holds a campaign rally 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

On the other side of the political spectrum is Jonah, who is leaning very far into the Trump comparisons. At least ‘When are you from’ sounds a bit nicer than ‘Lock her up.’ Again, it really does seem like Jonah could stumble himself into high office. Whether intentional or by accident, he’s tapping into a segment of voters that love his rhetoric, nonsensical as it is.

Super Tuesday Amy wants Jonah to keep going after Selina 1024x576 - Veep (S07E05) "Super Tuesday"

It’s at least lit a fire under Amy’s ass since she’s doubling down on Jonah’s rhetoric. I doubt she believes in what Jonah is saying, but she sees the results. Like Ben and Kent pointed out earlier, Jonah has this ability to appeal to voters in a way that Selina cannot. Between that and Amy’s past frustrations with Selina, it makes sense that she would do a complete 180 and go all in for Jonah.

So despite everything laid before her, Selina emerged, for the most part, victorious. With just two episodes left, can this momentum lead her back to the White House? Or is this just the calm before the storm? We’ll find out.