A.P. Bio (S02E09) “Dr. Whoopise”

As Jack tries to redeem himself after an accident that went viral. Also, will Helen and the teacher find out who the sugar daddy is? Here’s a recap!


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When Jack does a test tape for TedTalk at the school; he doesn’t actually make a home run out of it; as he becomes a viral video hit when he falls off the stage with an injury of smashing butt. The next day comes and Jack tries to find a way to redeem himself; to be a hero instead of a joke. The students come up with a scenario of that of Baby Jessica and use Victor as Baby Jessica in a manhole. But when the plan goes sideways, Jack and the students try to find Victor.

As the students try to find Victor they somehow ran into what they call the “Rat King” and ran back out of the manhole. Jack finds Victor, who’s been going through somethings and tells Jack that his parents are getting a divorce. As things patch things up, Jack and Victor get out of the manhole but as the ambulance and fire department come Jack falls back and lands on his back.

Helen and the teachers are on the lookout as the sugar daddy is back littering at the school of candy wrappers. The teachers didn’t come close but Helen sure did as she spots Ralph dropping a candy wrapper and walking away. She confronts him and gets him to spill the beans and runs out to face the cops that turn out to be the ambulance and fire department who came for Jack’s rescue.

Jack gets what is his redemption when Victor and Heather speak out on Jack’s behalf with the TV reporter; becomes happy and replays the YouTube clip again and again.

“Dr. Whoopise” was a fine episode that had its good moments and some weird ones. The Jack story was good and the scenes with him and Victor were heartwarming and even funny at times. But the one that one me over was Helen finding out that Ralph was the sugar daddy; confronts him in one of the best scenes of the season so far. I didn’t quite like the three teachers hunting down like it was somewhat of a wacky Law & Order spinoff even as they question Dale. Yikes. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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