Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E15) “Return of the King”

Gina returns! Here’s a recap!


brooklyn nine nine s6e15 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E15) "Return of the King"

In the “Return of the King,” Gina returns and has become a popular motivational speaker with followers known as the G-Hives.” Someone had made a death threat of her life at one of her upcoming events; so Gina calls on Jake and Terry to help find the suspect. But Jake hopes that this would bring them closer in their friendship as she keeps dodging them since she left.

When Jake and Terry spotted their suspect, they get Gina out just in time, but by the time they are at her apartment, Jake learns that she bailed on them the other night for business. As Gina tries to explain to Jake about it; she gets stabbed by the real suspect and Terry went to chase as Jake tells Gina the truth about what’s been going on. Later Gina’s recovering quite well with powerful meds and Jake finds out who the suspect is and soon arrested him. As Gina and Jake finally come to terms, they helped Terry reuniting with his old friend.

Holt’s convinced that Charlie’s son is smart; after what he thinks solved the problem. As Holt comforts Charles about it, they learn that the kid wasn’t as smart as they thought as he was just in his drawing mode. Also, Rosa can’t use the use of her hands due to poison oak, but she won’t let that stand in her way of daily activities. That’s until she gets locked in the storage closet and tries her best to get out. Amy tries to help but Rosa wouldn’t let that happen until she finally calls her and asks for help. Instead of helping, Amy encourages her to get out on her own and Rosa uses her neck to unlock the door. As she gets out and celebrates; she asked Amy to help her to the bathroom.

As much as I enjoyed the return of Gina; I thought that the “Return of the King” episode was quite good. Gina and Jake’s story was brilliantly well written; and strong character development between them since she left the Nine-Nine. The Rosa story was very good and hilarious. But the Holt and Charles story wasn’t as good as it kind of lost interest pretty quickly. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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