DC Comics: Year of the Villain (Summer Special Preview)

Alright guys and gals, we have a fantastic review here for you today! DC Comics was doing a fantastic thing for Free Comic Book Day that you could buy this summer special preview that leads into issue 1 of the big event! So let’s get to this review!

Alright so in this comic it pretty much explains how this year, 2019, will be the year of the villains. First off it’s split into two chapters and then gives you a summary of what comics you need to read that lead into the year of the villain. In the first chapter we had Amanda Waller try to explain to the President the insane plan that Lex Luthor is trying to unfold. Turns out Lex got to the President first which started Lex’s plan to wipe out the whole world of it’s superheroes. Lex explains the full length of the plan to Brainiac which even he finds to be insane but in a good way.

The plan is to release the Mother of all Evil, yes that’s her actual nickname, she’s known as a Evil God because she created the first super villain many years ago, her name is Perpetua. Which sounds like a bad name to have I don’t think she’s gonna strike much fear with that name which is why she calls herself the Mother of all Evil.

In Chapter Two, we had the Justice League face against some of the villains but when Perpetua was released, Batman made the call to bring every single hero together, a full army against one single woman. The story pretty much goes into the heroes of Earth-1 are going to war, but will they win against Perpetua? Or will Earth-1 become the Earth of Villains? Looks like we will have to keep reading the issues to find out what happens next.

I have to admit this story arc seems like it’s going to be really good. To see every single hero come together to fight against the greatest evil that they have ever faced off against. I know that it sounds a lot like something that would happen with Avengers but truth be told they had their big event on screen this year and last year and had a comic series of a new arc. So this year for the comics it was DC’s turn to shine with a full ensemble of their heroes. I hope it becomes as successful as Marvel’s comic event last year.

The artists of the comic did a great job bringing this story together and creating amazing art for such a great comic. This art is the important part because if we didn’t have pictures to see how the scenes were or are acted out then what’s the point of a comic. You need art to keep the young readers in, you need an amazing story to keep the adults interested in the story, and you need amazing work to keep everyone else interested in the book.

Overall this summer special preview was impressive and definitely raises questions on wither you will or will not continue reading what could be counted as the biggest event in DC Comics history! I know I’ll be continuing the read to find out how their first battle ends and then how they come back from it.

DC Comics:Year of the Villain (Issue 01) will be released July 2019