Grey’s Anatomy (S15E23) “What I Did For Love”

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(ABC/Scott Everett White)

This weeks episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was all about love and was full of unexpected emotionally touching moments.

One thing Grey’s consistently seems to do right is manage to bring real life issues that are currently occurring in the world into their storylines. This week a young girl was sick and came into the hospital with her father, after they had been separated at the border so had not seen each other in three months, and they are still separated from the girls mother. The family problems were far from over as the father informed the doctors that he did not have insurance but he has a job to cover the medical costs. When Alex suggests he apply for state overage that is turned down as he earns too much money even though his job is cleaning offices. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) decides to take action herself by putting her own daughters name on the insurance form and going ahead with the surgery, YES GIRL. When Richard discovers Meredith’s illegal plan he confronts her, Meredith’s reason behind her actions is that the broken system had failed him and its their job to fix it. This storyline this episode really hit me hard emotionally, as I got hit with the realisation that real families in America are currently going through this. I’m so glad that Grey’s decided to portray the harsh reality that these families are going through and did not sugar coat it, as its important that more people are aware of this issue and a popular network show raising awareness is SO important! One specific line that really hit me hard was when Webber was telling Meredith about the seriousness of her actions, he told her she would be separated from her kids as “they don’t put kids in jail”, to which Meredith bluntly replied with “unless you come from asylum’ WOW. I also have to add how great the writing for Meredith was this episode, I couldn’t help but love all of her decisions this episode as she was determined to help the family, if only there were more people like her in the real world! The beautiful scene at the end of the episode where Meredith was telling the girls dad that she ad to be in hospital for the next month but she has set up a bed so they can be together, which followed with them sharing an extremely touching hug brought me to tears!

Another emotional storyline in this weeks episode was the continuation of Jo’s (Camilla Luddington) emotional breakdown. After she received a call that there was finally a donor for her and Alex’s (Justin Chambers) longterm patient Gus, Jo finally seemed happy to be happy to be turning up to work. Unfortunately it did not last as it turned out that Jo had made a mistake and they thought that Gus was the donor. This caused Jo to emotionally break and break down in front of Gus’s mother whilst she was informing her about her mistake. Seeing Jo still in this state broke my heart into a million pieces, as having to see J go through so much over the seasons I just want her to finally be happy. I have to give so much credit to Luddington’s amazing performance for making me feel so emotionally attached to Jo and making me share her heartache. One of my favourite scenes in the episode was one shared between Jo and Teddy (Kim Raver), as whilst Jo was telling Teddy about her mistake, I was reminded as to why Teddy is one of my favourite characters. As she very sweetly comforted Jo and offered to help her tell Gus’s parents about her mistake. Whilst Teddy was then telling Jo that she could talk to her, I found myself begging the writers for more scenes between thee two characters as this friendship has SO much potential. Especially since both characters have been through so much yet still constantly look out for the other people in their lives, PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I of course can’t watch any episode of Grey’s without having opinions on Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Even though I am not too keen on the fact that Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) already has a new love interest after only just coming out of a relationship. It made me feel very happy to see Owen’s jealous reaction to Amelia’s new relationship with Link (Chris Carmack), as after all he put her through it’s what he deserved. I also loved the scene where Owen was trying to talk to her about her new relationship, Amelia immediately shut him down telling him that its none of his business, and that he does not get an opinion anymore, YOU TELL HIM GIRL. However I was very surprised and happy with Owen’s apology to Amelia as I never thought I’d see the day where that would happen! I was also very happy to see him take back his cruel words to Amelia, and that he is the one that is incapable of love not her. Since the writers never seem to let Owen own up and apologise for his mistake I was very happy and surprised by this scene, and I am hoping that they keep this up as Owen owes a lot of people apologies. At the end of the episode it was made clear that Owen is about to confess his love to someone but the name is left unrevealed. Though I am guessing it is Teddy, which I have made clear that I am not keen on as I will always believe that after everything Owen has put Teddy been through she deserves better. The relationship between her and Tom (Greg Germann) is also slowly growing on me, especially since him getting Teddy an apartment this episode was incredibly sweet and put a big smile her face. If the writers are going in the direction of Owen and Teddy becoming a couple, I hope they are prepared to write MANY apologies for Owen to give Teddy, as he owes her endless amounts!