Titan Comics: Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor (Issue 0) (Free Comic Book Day Issue)

Alright guys and gals we have a phenomenal comic for you today and I wanted to get at least one of these issues reviewed today so let’s get to it!

I was lucky enough to be able to pick this issue up during Free Comic Book Day today. And as I read it, I felt like I was transported to a place to watch the next new episode of the series. That’s how convincing the writing of this comic is.

In this issue we saw the Doctor take her friends to a carnival of sorts. Given that there looked to be tons of fun, it reminds you of Six Flags a little bit but in space. Everything was going great until Graham got into trouble thinking he could win an easy game of throwing the ball, but even Ryan makes the comment that on Earth the game is always rigged to make you lose. Graham just wanted to play and lost and things happened but now another crooked alien is on the Doctor’s radar and he should be worried.

I’m really impressed by this comic, first off the writer of the comic is Jody Houser, you may know of her work cause she’s written for Star Wars comics before. But here she is in full element of what makes Doctor Who phenomenal. Her writing really makes you think you’re watching/reading  an actual episode of the series which is amazing. Most writers when they tackle the comics based off shows don’t even watch the shows so they have to do tons of research before even writing the pages of the comics. But Jody you can tell she has to be a fan cause the writing itself for The Doctor was exactly what Jody Whittaker would say in the whole issue as her character. It’s amazing how spot on she wrote the dialogue for the characters of the comic!

The artists of the comic, Giorgia Sposito, Roberta Ingranta, and Valeria Favoccia all did phenomenal jobs with the drawings of the characters. It’s literally taking the designs of the characters from the series and throwing them in comic form. It’s beautiful and it almost made me want to cry because it was so beautiful. The inking job was spot on you can tell the artists used their best job to make every line well done. The background designs for the issue were amazing, I’m in full awe by all the beautiful art work that was composed in this beautiful masterpiece.

Next up the colorist, Tracy Bailey, she did a phenomenal job by taking the colors straight from the tv series to the comic. Her color choices are amazing, this whole piece is amazingly beautiful and should be loved by all that are Doctor Who fans.

I myself am a Doctor Who fan, so I know what I’m talking about when I say this comic is a masterpiece of masterpieces if that makes sense. The writing is what really draws you in and everyone needs to thank Jody Houser for giving us Doctor Who worthy material to read cause it’s her hard work that paid off and gave us a comic that should be made into an episode kind of worthy.

This issue was given out today for Free Comic Book Day so if you didn’t get a copy you lucked out.