Chicago Med (S04E15) “We Hold These Truths”

In a time of crisis, Chicago Med steps up and use everything they’ve got to save people’s lives. Here’s a recap!

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“We Hold These Truths” was one powerful episode from start to finish. As the doctors and nurses take on a truck crashing a neighborhood street fair;  what it seemed to be an accident turns into a shocking revelation.

Natalie and Maggie started having a girls afternoon at the neighborhood street fair; until a truck crashes the event injured a lot of people, even have killed. They spring into action to help those who can be helped and saved; but soon they needed a place to treat the patient in a more stable environment, at a nearby restaurant. To make things even worst, Boden wouldn’t let them get out of the area to head to Med; until the bomb squad clears the area because of a bomb in the truck. As things soon become clear, it wasn’t for Maggie, who had donated her kidney in the previous episode, as she popped a stitch from her side and rushed her to Med; where she turns out fine.

Will treats an off duty police officer that comes in along with his son and the officer needed surgery to repair his heart but later died. Will and Dr. Charles tell the son about his father turn to one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the episode. Later as the kid’s mother takes her son, a line of police officers takes their hand to shake and walk them out. Will laters saves a dog that was left at the ambulance bay; takes him as his own. While Dr. Charles, who’s not only dealing with his ex-wife’s health issue but come to terms that to meet his mother and show her a photo of his daughter.

The driver of the truck comes in and what they thought was a drunk driver; turns out it could have been a stroke that he suffered. But as the driver becomes conscious, turns out to be a racist person.

Dr. Choi deals with a male patient that hits on him in a romantic way but it turns him off and tries to dodge him while leaving him with Terry. But Terry confronts Choi about the situation and tells him that he’s gay too. Knowing that Choi was just cut off guard.

Not only did Rhodes deals with a reunion with the return of Robin; but deals with an opportunity of saving a patient from another patient through donation. But as Goodwin tries to talk with the mother about donating her daughter’s organs; it doesn’t go the way they both had hoped. Goodwin prevails and the mother comes around; signs off for her daughter’s organs to be donated; Rhodes got to save his patient.

I really enjoyed this episode from start to finish. There were some powerful and overwhelming moments; from Maggie and Natalie taking on the victims at the fair, Will and Dr. Charles dealing with a son who lost his dad. Even Goodwin trying to help a mother get her to donate her daughter’s organs. Even a shocking revelation when Charles sees his mother. There was some character development from Charles, but it was Terry McNeal that we got to learn a bit more of him. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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