Bull (S03E21) “When the Rains Came”

“When the Rains Came” …it poured; bringing another, “all in the family “(TAC)  case.

Taylor’s brother in law, Ralph Kelly (Bobby Moreno) is a  guard at Blackwood  prison. He’s in trouble.

When Nolan, a Cat 4  hurricane hits, the prison is flooded.  Ralph is charged with manslaughter.  It’s 2 counts; 2 drowned on his watch 

Ralph, at 28 years old, was left alone. He has seniority, because he’s worked  there longer! He’s in charge 

It’s was a mandatory evacuation.  Kristen ( Hayley Griffin) Ralph’s  wife, is pregnant.  Their home was felled by a tree and she’s alone. She and their 3 kids were in danger. 

Ralph, thinking the prison was “safe” leaves for the rescue. He didn’t return.

Warden Hewitt (Andy Murray) who should have been in charge, wasn’t available.  He was taking his family to Philly for …safety. He doesn’t answer his phone. 

During testimony, inmate  Carter (Marquise Vilson) was particularly damaging to the defense. His telling  of the death of “Moose”  was graphic and chilling.

Carter also  heard Ralph on his phone, “gotta get out of here,  before the place goes under ” turning the sea of mock jurors red. 

And then there are the bank statements. Follow the money; and the money is $50k! Ralph left to secure it from the  garage. It’s not the usual dirty.

It looks like another “no win”

I’m loving the twists and turns this season . Every week, it’s not obvious the direction and I cannot speculate, “what in the world”  Benny and Bull will pull out of their hat! 

However, this episode isn’t one of the thrills.  It caused me to think too much and I got stuck on “why” 

The evacuation was mandatory; but there wasn’t anything in place to move prisoners safely and expeditiously. 

All the guards left.  Shunning responsibility; they leave Ralph to go down with the ship. It should have been a group neglect charge, in my opinion; or nothing.

Yet “When the Rains Came”  the biggest “WT”…was the Warden.  He and anyone in authority, with an office, earning more than $18 per hour should have been charged! 

Bull airs Monday’s at 10p/Pacific. The season finale is next week. The previews look like, “must see”. I will! 

In the meantime, check out repeats On Demand and  the CBS app, anytime  

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