Chicago Med (S04E18) “Tell Me The Truth”

It’s just a day of the house of lies for the doctors and nurses on Chicago Med. Here’s a recap!

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Ethan and Natalie treat a patient that shows signs of pregnancy but learned that she was trying to abort the pregnancy. Ethan wanted to tell the patient’s parents but Natalie doesn’t; after discussing with Goodwin, they had to inform the parents. Natalie and Ethan try to convince their patient to tell before things get really dicey. She tells her mother and talks with Natalie and Ethan about the surgery and get her parental signature, but told them not to tell her husband as he’s not her father. Yikes!

Conner was about to perform a top billing surgery for someone that could make money for the hospital and press coverage. Ava comes in to assist, probably because of jealousy that she’s doing the surgery. But when the surgery begins Conner gets a call that Robin has been kidnapped and if he pays $50K for her life. He rushes out, telling Dr. Charles about Robin, and rushed to the bank as quickly as he can but Charles and Ruzek get there to tell him that it was a scam. Does anyone think that Ava might have something to do with it?

Will and April deal with an FBI agent that got hurt from what they say was a car accident, but with the severely of the injuries Will finds out from Agent Lee about the whole story. Will gets close to Lee as a friend to help her deal with what happened. Could this spark a new romance? I hope not! #MansteadForever!!!

Also, Charles tries to reunite his daughter and ex-wife together; even though she admitted it was a broken marriage. And Sharon is asked to make budget cuts that could leave the ED in short staff. And Ethan learns the truth about what April has been hiding throughout the episode; Emily and her baby Vincent are back and stay at April’s place.

“Tell Me the Truth” was a very good episode. I thought the Conner storyline was what it was even in the promo that it would be a scam call. But it did give us some really cool car driven scene that looked a bit like Fast and Furious. Natalie and Ethan’s story was very good; I very much enjoy watching two doctors having two difference of opinion, but work together to cover each other when it comes to treating their patient. Some very nice character developing, from Ethan and even Will with his relationship with Agent Lee. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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