Chicago Med (S04E19) “Never Let You Go”

What a father does for the love of his child and girlfriend puts the ED in a hostage situation. Here’s a recap!

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“Never Let You Go” is an hour full of on the edge of your seat, grab the tissues episode. When a pregnant teenager comes in about to give birth and give him up for adoption, the father shows up and gets kicked out by the father of the patient. It soon turns into a hostage situation when the baby’s father comes back with a gun. While Natalie and Will try to help the pregnant patient, Conner not only tries to save the pregnant patient’s father but his own as well.

Soon the pregnant patient is about to give birth but is also suffering from a ruptured uterus; both Conner, Natalie, WIll and Maggie all help to deliver the baby but also save the mother. As soon as both the mother and baby are okay, the boyfriend wants to take them out of the ED, but Goodwin takes the baby and walks the boyfriend towards her so the sniper can shoot him. The boyfriend dies instantly in front of Conner and Goodwin. The mother decides to keep the baby after telling her father that she loves him. Conner’s dad got the surgery thanks to Ava and Natalie talks to Will but learns that he and Agent Lee are an item.

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I thought that this was literally one of the best action pack, thrilling episode of the season. It literally had me on the edge of my seat. Even though the cast gives a great performance, S. Epatha Merkerson gives her best performance in this episode as it really did focus on her character in the hostage situation, because she did try to help the boyfriend with the situation earlier in the episode. It was literally a powerful episode and I can’t find any more words to describe it. Highly recommend watching this episode before this week’s new episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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