Legends of Tomorrow (S04E14) “Nip/Stuck”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight and it was good! Will Constantine be able to save Ray’s soul? Will the team survive the avalanche? Why did Neron have to give Gary so much power? We will discuss all in this review and more so lets get to this review!

So in this episode The Legends went after Possessed Ray (Brandon Routh) and Constantine (Matt Ryan) by locating where they teleported to. Only they didn’t expect for Neron to have predicted the team to have followed the trail leading the team into an avalanche. Constantine thinking his new friends and team mates are dead by the avalanche, he chooses to go along with Neron hoping to have the opportunity at some point to stop the demon that’s possessing Ray one way or another. Sadly this whole episode Constantine practically sorrowed thinking he has failed Ray like how he failed Astra all those years ago, even feeling like he failed the Legends but we all know that he never did fail the Legends, he helped them become stronger and like a lot of people Constantine started caring for the Legends but also for Ray because, we all know how Ray can be you just have to become friends with that friendly guy.

Although Constantine didn’t expect for the time they were in is the time of Constantine’s ancestor who is a king of magic. Which who could have guessed that Constantine’s ancestor would be a master/king of the dark arts back in the middle ages. I mean it starts to make a little bit of more sense to know that Constantine had ancestors that were in practicing the dark arts and how Constantine when he was younger started meddling in the dark arts it’s almost like it’s meant to be fate or something for him but at the same time you know we get to see someone from Constantine’s family tree line in a way which is cool as well.

Now Neron, in my opinion gave Gary (Adam Tsekhman) a bit way too much power when he chose to give Gary his nipple back and it was then trying to hypnotize the whole bureau and make him some kind of Dark Emperor, but he definitely was no Emperor Palpatine if you get my drift. In fact Gary just forcing everyone to make them think he’s the greatest there is was kind of lame but at the same time kind of hilarious. Because we all know that Gary can’t be taken seriously even if he tries being all high and mighty but that’s my opinion. Every one has their own opinion you know. But to hypnotize the bureau with a nipple that is just hilarious, I mean seeing that eye where his nipple was suppose to be that’s just hilarious.

It seems though Neron had a plan all along though, to get his lovely Tabitha (Jane Carr) who was also known as the Fairy Godmother from the earlier episodes, which I would never had guessed that but now Neron is looking to get Tabitha a new host, so who is going to be the new host for Tabitha? Will it be Mona (Ramona Young) or will it be Gary? I mean if it’s Gary then geez that will be a horrible choice but we already know that Gary has chosen the path of the dark side already so I say let him be the new vessel and go full on Darth Green or would it be Darth Gary, me and my Star Wars jokes.

But at least before Constantine chose to send himself to hell, he was able to see that the Legends are still alive and that he didn’t fail them. It’s because of this that Constantine is now in Hell and is looking for Ray’s soul so that he can at least save one soul! But will he try for Astra while he’s there or will he be tricked? All will be revealed next week!

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow (S04E15) “Terms of Service” airs Monday May 13, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW