The Flash (S05E21) “The Girl with The Red Lightning”

Alright guys and gals we have a fantastic episode brought to us tonight and it was so good! Thawne’s plan is finally put into motion, Cicada II begins her plan to unleash the virus, will she succeed? We have much to discuss tonight so lets get to this review!

So in this episode we finally get a clearer picture as to what Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh) has been planning this entire season and we will be seeing it set into full motion next episode but in this episode the plan was finally revealed and just as I had thought, this whole season Thawne has been playing Team Flash like a band of masquerade puppets. Pulling their strings through every decision, every strand of help that Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) begged for from Thawne, every moment and action has all been calculated so that he could pull the strings at the right time to show the future and past that Reverse Flash doesn’t die easily. The question is though, how did Thawne get Cicada’s dagger in his time line?  That’s the part that is not exactly clear yet but I guess they have to keep it a mystery until the next episode.

Even though Nora is not fully connected to the Negative Force, she is having repercussions because of using it that one time by having the red lightning happen when her mind now connects to future Grace/Cicada II (Sarah Carter) and it’s because of this connection her lightning is having trouble staying with it’s purple lightning and turning red. But I feel like this might not be the only repercussion that will happen with Nora. Sure it’s the only one that has happened right now but I feel like something more is going to happen in the next episode most likely revealing that she has to choose wither she wants to be negative or positive or it will tear her apart or worse something like Nora becoming the next Black Flash and Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) begs Thawne to save her so then he takes her place as the next Black Flash which would open to a possible redemption arc in Thawne’s story but we will have to wait and see. If my theory on her becoming the next Black Flash does become true that would be terrifying but also interesting.

Now Cicada II’s plan does go into action by her trying to collect the proper equipment she needs in order to have the amplifier work with her dagger which would release the virus not to just Central City but to the entire United States, Earth-1 would become a non-meta world if that would’ve happened. But she was on a mission, and while on that mission got into the path of Rene Adler (Kimberley Williams-Paisley), Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh) was trying to get Rene to come with him to a safe place when Cicada II’s dagger activated and the two of them had a little showdown until Barry and Nora interrupted. But we finally saw Rene’s abilities in action, and it’s magnetic abilities, which I know you all are thinking DC Comics actually has a magnetic powered character and the answer is yes. But as for Cicada II, she did reveal to Team Flash that before she came to the past, she never had the Cicada dagger’s so that means that the dagger had to of been taken away from Cicada 1 at some point but it’s hard to say when and where.

In the comics there is a super villain that’s named Doctor Polaris, which makes us wonder, is Rene Adler a version of Doctor Polaris and if she is then will she go down a dark path? Or will they somehow change the character’s path to make Doctor Polaris a superhero? It’s hard to really know  for Rene what path she will take but if she comes back to Earth-1 after going to Sherloque’s Earth which is Earth-51 or was it 41 one of those two. But it will be interesting if they explore her meta-human ways in the future seasons. I have to admit though it will be interesting to see what they do if it is explored further.

We also see the first time that Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) gets to be a bit of a leader only because Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) had to go out of town for a police conference meeting. We know that there is a future where Joe does have a leader type of role I think it was Mayor but I don’t remember; I know it was revealed back when Barry took a trip to the future or something like that where there was a newspaper article about Joe, it was a fast scene that played out so it’s hard to really remember when it happened but I think it was somewhere around there. But even Joe admitted to Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) that the whole leader position is stressful and overwhelming. So maybe in this future that we are slowly but surely heading to, maybe Joe doesn’t become a Mayor or leader position, but it’s hard to say but it would be nice to see. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Now that the mirror gun has shot the dagger to release Thawne into the past once again, it’s hard to know what the next part of his plan is going to be but we will definitely find out in the season finale next week!

Next Episode: The Flash (S05E22) “Legacy” Season Finale airs Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW