The Spanish Princess (S01E01) “The New World”

Hello there! I had missed writing reviews. So here I am back to review “The Spanish Princess” and I am really excited to do it!

First of all,  I should tell you I am a history student and this period of History has always fascinated me, so I’m gonna try to be objective always however I do not promise to always be. So let’s start shall we?

“The Spanish Princess” it’s the sequel of “The White Princess” [2017] wich for its turn it’s the sequel of “The White Queen” [2013], all of the three shows are based on books by Phillipa Gregory and tell the story of Elizabeth Woodville [“The White Queen”], Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ of York [“The White Princess”] and Catherine of Aragon [“The Spanish Princess”].

We all know Catherine as the princess who was meant to be Queen of England and married for the second time with the future Henry VIII of England and her sad fate. However “The Spanish Princess” won’t tell the narrative that way, it will tell the narrative before that point on her life, that she “falls” in disgrace.

“The Spanish Princess” begins with telling us the complications [mostly political] of Catherine’s arrival to England after her first marriage (trough procurator), with Prince Arthur, Henry’s older brother who will [I don’t think this qualifies as a spoiler but anyways SPOILER ALERT] die not so long after their marriage in England.

After her arrival we see the difficulties of  connecting with her husband Arthur, there is no connection between them, unlike Catherine thought before because of the letters allegedly written by Arthur, wich of course were not written by him, but by his younger brother, Henry. Well I guess we needed a love triangle, I mean who doesn’t love those?

Also talking about Henry, of course him and Catherine meet and the chemistry between them it’s undeniable. I’m shipping them even tough I know how their story turns up to be I cannot stop shipping them, it’s not my fault they have chemistry. Also they made pretty obvious it was Henry the one who wrote the letters to Catherine, since pretty much the beginning.

It’s also pretty obvious the opposition between Arthur and Henry, while the first one is really insecure the other one is secure of himself and knows what he’s doing.  Arthur is portrayed to the public as the weak one while Henry is portrayed as the strong one.

I also can’t finish my review without talking about the lady in waiting of Catherine , Stephanie. I absolutely loved her and she has become one of my favorites in the moment I saw her for the first time. She’s strong and we can see that from the first time we see her. 

In general, the pilot wasn’t as strong as the pilots of it prequels, however I do know that it will become as good as the prequels, unlike its prequels the protagonist still seems a little bit weak however her strong character it’s growing and we can see it sometimes in the pilot.

In a positive point, let me just point the amazing quality of the image, landscapes and clothes, and of course the opening just like its prequels. “The Spanish Princess” did not fail us on that point.

“The Spanish Princess” airs on Starz! on Sundays and has Charlotte Hope as Princess Catherine of Aragon, Ruari o’Connor as Prince Henry “Harry” Tudor, Angus Imrie as Prince Arthur, among many others.

For today that’s all, hope I see you next week, for the upcoming review.

See you soon.

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