Chicago Fire (S07E09) “Always A Catch”

In the fall finale of Chicago Fire, not only was it on hyperdrive of drama but gave us the biggest cliffhanger of the other Chicago shows. Here’s a recap!

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The episode started off as usual of a normal start with laughs and even Boden show his love for Tuesday the dog. That was until Cruz was on the phone with Chloe, who was about to get donuts for the crew until she gets into an accident on the highway. When 51 gets there it’s literally one of the biggest pileup accidents probably since Chicago Med season two’s “Cold Front” episode.

Getting there the only thing that Cruz could do was search for Chloe. Moving down from vehicle to vehicle, he finally gets there to see her badly hurt. After the team gets her out and into the Med chopper, Cruz and the team get to Med as fast as they can with the only thing they could do is wait. At Med, Cruz informs Chloe’s parents about her condition and just play the waiting game. Fast-forwarding: Chloe wakes up and kisses Cruz, but Cruz learns from Chloe’s mother that he’s been the best thing for her for a long time.

Severide and Kidd’s relationship could be in trouble even before they could put a year on it. Kidd learns from Tyler that Severide has been jealous of having him around her. She confronts Severide about it and responds that he’s not but she know Severide for a long time and he has a history of jealousy in the past. But this time, he’s not but looking out for her as it’s Tyler trying to win Kidd back for him. The episode leaves Severide eating pizza along while Kidd is hanging out with Tyler at the bar.

After a heroic call and switching vehicles to get a child to Med, Foster meets with a familiar face. Foster gets an opportunity to go back and become a doctor, but after talking with Boden she decides to stay as a paramedic because she believes that’s what she’s supposed to do. Cheers to that!

After seeing Cruz’s relationship with Chloe and such; Brett decides to go for it with Kyle and asked him out to dinner. When she asked him his response was: yes.

Casey and Namoi’s takes their relationship to a new level. After interviewing the family of the company that’s been accused of those trailer homes fires. After getting threaten, Namoi makes a counterpoint threat and leaves with Casey with excitement. Later Casey moves their relationship to the next level. After they fell asleep, Casey wakes up and sees a fire in the apartment that seems to come from the scene from the Super Bowl episode of This Is Us. But it leaves us with a cliffhanger to hang on to til January.

“Always a Catch” was such an exciting, character development driven episode. It felt like a movie-sized hour episode that holds nothing back for viewers to see some good things and bad things. The pileup scene gave me chills like what I got from the crossover event early this season. I feel that this will be the end for Kidd and Severide. I think Kidd will realize that Tyler has been messing with them. But also I think if she doesn’t realize it, Severide will do something. The happy moments go to Brett, Cruz, Chloe, and Foster. Not to mention Boden and Tuesday. As much as I would love to slap Casey for taking his relationship to a new level so quickly. I’m slightly okay with it. But leaving them in that situation of a trapped fire, will one of them live? Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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