Chicago Fire (S07E15) “What I Saw”/Chicago PD (S06E15) “Good Man” Crossover Episode Event

When lockboxes from apartment buildings have been mysteriously missing; Chicago Fire and Chicago PD team up to solve in this crossover event.


NUP 185918 0033 - Chicago Fire (S07E15) "What I Saw"/Chicago PD (S06E15) "Good Man" Crossover Episode Event

“What I Saw”/”Good Man” wasn’t your typical usual action-packed crossover episode event. When Firehouse 51 gets a late call of an apartment fire, the building happens to be missing the keys from the lockbox. The issue pulls in Chicago PD that wants to one of 51, which happens to be Cruz, to go undercover at another firehouse and find the suspect. As Cruz goes to another firehouse, after watching each member; he’s shocked to learn who it was and it lead his death.

Voight and the team take on the case and tried to get things in order; learned that the firefighter wasn’t a criminal at all, but instead trying to help these kids that were part of the firefighter program. These kids were trying to get out of a local gang that they’ve been a part of since they could remember. Atwater helps the kid get a confession from the gang leader about killing the firefighter and got him.

This was a way different kind of crossover episode event than we are used to; I’d enjoyed it. It felt like a real mystery procedure. The performances from each of the show’s cast were very good; the writing/story was good too with good character development and plot. Overall, I give this episode an 8,5/10.

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