Chicago Med (S04E20) “More Harm Than Good”

A mysterious drug brings two patients that the doctors can’t understand; while a Rhodes questions his father’s surgery. Here’s a recap!


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When two patients come in the ED after taking a mysterious drug that literally puts them in severe pain; Ethan, Nataline, and Dr. Charles try to help them; but they don’t want help. As one dies, Natalie tries her best to help the other one before she dies too, but still won’t accept. Charles tries to figure out a way to get a court order but Natalie forces her patient to take the medicine that could stop the deadly drug from working. Even though it was wrong, Charles gets the patient to not only take some meds to help ease with the pain but get her on the treatment too; even though it just delay what they learned was a suicide attempt in a cult to save Earth.

Will not only deals with Natalie’s new boyfriend, Phillip; but deals with a patient that’s questionable about his involvement of kidney donation to his brother. After doing research, he’s convinced that it’s illegal and tries to get Goodwin to stop it. But by the time he chats with the patient he realizes that it could be alright.

Conner and Ava are at it again, but this time it’s all Conner as his father is back in the ED; learns that his stint in his heart had a malfunction and needed surgery again. Rhodes’s dad isn’t too pleased about it and even threatens the head of the hospital about her contract. Conner tries to apologize to Ava but she tells him that he should apologize to the other things he’s accused her of doing. She even tells him that him breaking up with her was still hard to get over. Now I’m back on her side now.

Ethan’s sister returns to the ED but with Bernie. Bernie needs surgery but also needs to find a job and a new place for him, Emily and their baby to live. After coming to his senses, Ethan apologizes to Bernie about his actions and tells him whatever he needs he’ll do it. Probably shouldn’t have said that as Bernie asked for the blue pills.

“More Harm Than Good” was such an interesting episode. The stories were as interesting; even I believe kicked off to stories that we’ll see by the end of the season. The medical case of the week was a real thrill; that had me on the edge of my seat even after learning the reason for the patient. I do feel the Conner and Ava story has run its course and I just hope it really comes to an end, even though the two won’t be back in Season Five.

The Ethan and Bernie story was at times funny, but too a serious turn when Bernie asked Ethan for blue pills that just disliked him more. I see where Will was going and probably should have taken a better approach about Phillip with Natalie but that story of the kidney transplant was a very good story and even if the outcome wasn’t what we expected. But I do stand with Will about Phillip and that he shouldn’t have lied to Owen. Good story, good character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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