Chicken Girls (S04E08) “No Escape”

There is “No Escape”  from a game room after Quinn, locks in The Chicken Girls.  

In an attempt to bring peace to the  girls;  Rhy, Luna, Ellie and Rooney are invited to try and work their problems out…behind closed, locked doors. They can only escape by working together.  Welcome to fun bonding time. 

Meanwhile, across town,  Ace is back from a successful jaunt to Silicon Valley.  He’s  attempring to put the,”S’up” app “on the map” of success and all phones!   

‘Glad he’s back, Flash throws him a party, per ACE ‘s  request!  But only Robbie and Tim come.  The girls are on “lock down”  Ace is very disappointed! 

Yet this “Bro time”  surprisely turned into some serious boy bonding. With no music, games and girls; Robbie opened up about Ellie.

He apparently wasn’t okay with the sneak. He felt Ellie was really embarassed to be with him and she used the peer pressure as an excuse! “I never knew” cause he played  “the cool” so well. 

It was sweet, yet emotionally charged.  They sip tea and  share by talking stick. One can only speak when the stick is passed to him. Love it!  “Feelings” are in right now! 

Later, while very still and reclined,  Flash puts cool cucumber wheels on Robby’s eyes.  Ace is near by, affirming , “you are enough” and Tim pulls out, “The Notebook” Sweet!

Back in the Escape Room, the girls are yelling at each other, before bringing honesty to the table.  Yet time will tell. A few of the Chickens, seem to like drama 

Chicken Girls airs on Youtube’s Brat channel, anytime . New episodes,  Tuesdays,  3p/Pacific  Still 15 well spent minutes!