‘MacGyver’ Renewed for Fourth Season

‘MacGyver’ Renewed for Fourth Season

MacGyver has been on the cusp of renewal for a while, but today CBS announced that season 4 is a go. With the departure of George Eads earlier in Season 3, it seemed as though the fate of the show was up in the air. Losing such a significant character can either break or make a show like this.

I am pleased to announce it is the latter. Fans have been anticipating this news, and are rejoicing that the cast will be returning for another action-packed season. With dynamic and engaging story-lines, each and every week, viewers are taken on an adventure. We laugh, we cry and we live through the big moments these characters have.

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The team is back for another season! (Photo: CBS)

Even though the show is one of those many reboots, it has gathered a wide fan base from around the world. People have come to love the characters and the actors who portray them, and it comes as no surprise. There is real talent behind the scenes, and what is relayed to our screens. These stories deserve to be told, and it’s wonderful that it will be a continuing trend.

Where will the writers take us next? There are no limits, and as fans know, nothing and no one is safe from harm.

So there you have it, MacGyver, Riley, Bozer, Matty, Desi and the rest will still be around for a while yet. With a season four in the works, this confirms that change isn’t always a bad thing. With so many stories unfolding and getting to know each character even better, there are so many possibilities for this series to go.

MacGyver isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon!


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