Chicago Fire (S07E17) “Move a Wall”

When something goes wrong on a call, two firefighters will bump head with one another. Plus an investigation leads to a shocking undercover scam.  Here’s a recap

NUP 186096 0162 - Chicago Fire (S07E17) "Move a Wall"

When a call to an apartment fire, Casey gets upset with Herrmann for acting irresponsibly when he had the fire hose across the street and a car drives by dragging Ritter. It turned into a heated match between the two and soon Herrmann gets the understanding of what’s really going on with Casey; as he’s still dealing from the event from the previous episode. But after an accident call of a car and truck was a safe rescue, both Herrmann and Casey forgave one another.

During that apartment fire, Kidd notices in the apartment rooms that had a hidden room behind the couch and saw pillows, blankets, and even a doll. She gets this bad vibe that something ain’t right and talks with Upton about it; but by the time they get there the room was completely gone from the fire. But talking with the neighbor, they looked into the mail and found a name and an address; there they not only found the kids but also stopped the bad guy that was using the foster system in a scam.

Herrmann apparently gave Cindy permission to decorate the 51 quarters. After taking in all the suggestions, Cindy finally comes up with a look that no one loves. Herrmann had to eat his words and yet might be sleeping in the dog house for a while. 

“Move a Wall” was a fine real dramatic episode. This really was a Herrmann episode with him dealing with Casey and Cindy. I thought that Kidd and Severide story was fantastic; at the end, you could see there were still sparks between them which lets hope they can get together.  Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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