Chicago Fire (S07E18) “No Such Thing As Bad Luck”

Boden meets a blast from his past during a rescue; while Cruz gets an award for his service with the CPD. Here’s a recap!


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During a house fire call, Boden meets a high school friend; but Casey and Severide think that she might have set it up. Well, Boden got to the bottom of it and later on learned that her son was the one that set the fire as he’s addicted to drugs. Boden gets in the middle between him and her and makes him drop the gun and offers him help at a drug rehab center.

After his heroic duty with Chicago PD, Cruz was awarded a commendation for his work. But after he learns about the award, he ignored Severide’s orders during that house fire call. Later when he was about to get his commendation; he learns that Severide will be the one to give it to him placing it on his jacket.

Kidd and Otis thought they made a huge mistake when they learn that the dog statue was Molly’s good luck charm and given it away has caused bad luck. Herrmann gets word of the IRS auditing the bar. Kidd and Otis try to get the statue back; but when they brought up at the firehouse the statue was broken and later that night Herrmann tells them that things are good to leave the statue broke.

Severide and Kidd’s relationship takes an awkward turn as some think that Severide has been staying at the bar till Kidd leaves. Foster is in it and tells Severide that maybe give her space.

The episode was very good. I really thought that Boden’s high school friend was going to go after him in a fatal attraction meets fire type; but it wasn’t and well written. I couldn’t get enough of the humor storyline of the hunt for the dog statue. And I think that Severide is learning not to be so protective as he could win Kidd by not being there all the time. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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