Chicago Fire (S07E19) “Until The Weather Breaks”

Chicago Fire is back with an exciting new episode that will not only play with your heart; but leave you on the edge of your seat.  Here’s a recap!


NUP 186464 0060 - Chicago Fire (S07E19) "Until The Weather Breaks"

I very much enjoyed the episode “Until The Weather Breaks” as it’s probably one of my favorite episodes of the season; could reach up there in bottle episodes on this show. Firehouse 51 gets a surprise visitor, a kid, hiding in the firehouse. Everyone tries to comfort the kid from Brett, Casey and even Tuesday; but the reason why is the real thriller as the kid was a witness in a murder and one of the shooters happens to find him and looks for him.  But that got stopped when Otis called out on his game and everyone tries to get him out and away from the kid, but thanks to Severide and Brett the guy was caught.

Also in the episode, more Severide and Kidd drama; leading to Kidd learning that Foster helped Severide dealing with his feelings for Kidd. And Casey wants to take an adventurous trip around the world, while Severide doesn’t like the idea, Brett thinks it’s awesome and cute. She even asked Casey if he was down for a group trip. Why not?

“Until The Weather Breaks” is probably one of my top ten episodes of this season. It had a great balance of dramatic moments and humorist moments that I can’t get enough. We get some good character development with Casey and Brett (not a lot), but Otis being affected by the gunman coming in the firehouse. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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