Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Alright guys and gals this movie has been a movie in the making and been one of my hopes that would be made for a very, very, very long time and my childhood self was very satisfied watching this movie today! I give you the movie review of Pokemon Detective Pikachu; so lets get to it and as a note this will be spoiler free, zero spoilers in this review because I want my readers to experience this movie in all of its awe themselves.

So to start off, I’ve been a huge Pokemon fan ever since I was a 6 year old kid trying so hard to find something to watch on TV before I had to be driven to school at six in the morning every single day. Until one day I found the animated series airing it’s first episode and I fell in love, fast forward this story to when we finally had news about Detective Pikachu being made into a movie, I was super excited and to top it off they said it would be live action animation movie which is what I was always hoping for and it happened. And now I have seen this movie and it was phenomenal!

So I’m one of those guys that literally pays attention to everything in the movies, and I mean everything it almost gets on people’s nerves, but with a movie such as Detective Pikachu you pretty much had to pay attention to everything otherwise you would miss either an important moment or even a small little nod to the old Pokemon series that would make you giggle like me. The movie itself focuses mainly on Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) and his father’s trusty side kick Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) who apparently is addicted to coffee. Now I will say that the film has quite a few twists and turns and if you haven’t been following the Pokemon series then you will not understand quite a few things that are said in the film. Now I know a lot of people are confused because of the trailers as to why Mewtwo is in the movie but I assure my readers it all makes sense once you watch the movie.

Now I know that everyone is wondering what Pokemon actually make an appearance and do they look amazing, and because this movie made the inner child within me extremely happy I will be talking a lot about the Pokemon that appeared in the movie that way I don’t spoil the movie for all of you because just telling you my opinions on the designs for the Pokemon and which ones appear don’t really tell you anything other than which ones make an appearance. So here we go:

The first Pokemon that is on my list of examining is Pidgeotto, it’s literally one of the first Pokemon that appears and I have to say the feather modulation they had on the 3D models were amazing. They looked so life like, and actually had the same colors of Pidgeotto from the Pokemon animated series which is amazing! I mean to have Pidgeotto and Pidgeot in the film was an absolute joy. Did Pidgeot make a full appearance, not really so I can’t go into too much detail about him but it was still amazing to see both of these evolutions of Pidgey in the film. My next Pokemon that I will be examining is Squirtle, from a far distance you can actually tell that the Pokemon is a Squirtle and I mean Squirtle was always one of my favorite Pokemon in the animated series so I’m geeking out just typing this right now. The Squirtle modulation in the 3D model was really good, when Squirtle was wet you can’t really tell that it had a reptilian modulation, when viewed in a far away distance you still couldn’t tell what modulation they had as the skin for Squirtle but it was amazing, I absolutely loved it. We even had a small viewing of Blastoise which those who know Pokemon know that Blastoise is the final evolution of Squirtle and the modulation for the skin for Blastoise was good but they had to make it more recognizable for it being reptilian skin though, but the shell for Blastoise was done beautifully. It looked like a sea turtle shell skin modulation that they used which was an interesting choice that the artists chose to use.

Charizard is my next examining, the final evolution of Charmander, for all that know, Charizard is the fire breathing dragon Pokemon that everyone calls a badass, the Charizard skin modulation seemed rushed with this Pokemon, I’m not going to lie about that, because it seemed like there were some areas of the modulation that didn’t seem to have been properly placed well. But it’s a small detail and I’m sure I am even over thinking it because Charizard still looked like a badass. Mewtwo is next, now Mewtwo is really hard to be able to modulate for skin because it’s scientifically made by man so it’s hard wither to give the Pokemon a reptile skin modulation or a furry skin modulation but I guess the artists chose to go with a small reptile skin combined with a smooth man made skin modulation which made it interesting. Mewtwo was amazing and badass. Gengar is next which is the final evolution of Ghastly the ghost Pokemon, now I will admit Gengar being a ghost Pokemon it would be hard to do because it’s just slapping purple paint on the model and making sure it can be seen through at times which is what they did for the 3D model and I’m not gonna lie this one made Gengar terrifying and creepy, I mean those eyes, those eyes will give you nightmares.

Okay another fan favorite of mine is Totodile, and I’m not going to lie I wish they would’ve had more time with the 3D Model of this Pokemon because I was disappointed, Totodile does have it’s natural look like in the games and animation series yes but the skin modulation was way too alligator like and I’ve always imagined it as a crocodile skin that it would have and to top it off they rushed it, the render looked out of place like it didn’t belong in the such environment, the lighting was off and it made me disappointed to see a rushed Totodile in the final product. Snorlax is next, not much I can say about Snorlax because as you can guess he’s a Pokemon that sleeps all the time and the modulation was furry which I always thought it would be for Snorlax so to see this fluffy giant snoring Pokemon in the movie made me happy. Okay my next one is Jigglypuff which had a furry modulation as well but it was a good modulation, the 3D model was perfect and the way how Jigglypuff uses that permanent marker as a microphone to sing made me remember back in the old days of the animation. I just wish they would’ve had Jigglypuff use the marker to mark up people’s faces who fell asleep to its singing like how he did in the animation series but it was still a good small nod in the film. For those who loved this little guy, Togepi is next, Togepi’s 3D model was very easy to do actually because it’s just a little creature wearing a broken egg so all you needed was someone to hold the little guy. Yes Togepi is cute to look at I will admit that, even though his air time was limited to seconds in the film it was a good spot if you look hard enough for the Pokemon. Psyduck is next, so for Psyduck it’s pretty easy for him as well because all you have to do is give him short fur with a silky smooth kind of polish and boom you have a skin modulation for Psyduck, the 3D model was fun to look at too because it’s Psyduck we all know what happens when the poor duck gets stressed and freaks the hell out.

Now I can’t mention all the Pokemon that showed up so I will end this with three that I do remember seeing for good but short air time,  Baulbasaur which is a cute little plant dinosaur looking Pokemon was interesting they chose the reptilian skin modulation but for it’s bulb on it’s back they had a leaf skin modulation for the 3D model which is interesting but still makes him look cute. Riolu is next which is the Pokemon that evolves into Lucario but for Riolu, the 3D model which they only showed the back side of it but was still recognizable was in the film and it was interesting to give Riolu the creamy looking fur when it’s Lucario that is meant to have that creamy looking fur but I guess the fur has to start somewhere am I right? Greninja is our last observing Pokemon, Greninja is a fighting toad Pokemon so for the Pokemon it had to have a frog like skin which was interesting that they gave it a tree frog skin modulation but still gave the skin colors the same as it is in the games and animation series.

As I’ve said before this movie was phenomenal and it was absolutely amazing seeing so many Pokemon and so many introductions in the film, if they choose to make sequels to this film you have to wonder what will the sequels be about? But that’s the beauty is to not know until we finally do get them but in order to get them we need for kids and adults alike to go see this film. If you grew up with the animation series I’m telling you now that you will not be disappointed by the Pokemon that are seen in this film, you will love it absolutely. I know I loved it and I’m definitely going to be seeing it again because it’s such a great movie! I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a Pokemon fan.

Detective Pikachu is now out in theaters!