The Bold Type S03E05 “Technical Difficulties”


Hello everyone! I’ve just finished watching the new episode and I’m completely shocked! Gotta say the episode was pretty intense. Safford has been hacked? Like what? It turned everything upside down! Let’s talk details.

Jane was focused on writing the story about the photographer that abuses woman during photo sessions and she convinced one of the victims to open up about it. Right after that she got into squabble with Patrick and made a drinking game about him saying ‘Namaste’. And then she found out that Scarlet’s mail has been hacked, so was the recording of victim she talked too. She has promised to that girl that she and Jacqueline will keep her name safe. And because Jane is a woman of her word she tried to come up with the idea how to protect this girl after all. She managed to got her trust again and get name of another victim to back up her story. Also, she kicked Patrick’s ass during the meeting at Richard’s. Seriously, that was like the best getting into argument I’ve recently heard. Jane is a queen of a word, probably that’s why she’s a writer. Pretty obvious but still… I’m impressed. Also I’m glad she and Patrick had the mature talk on the rooftop. They aren’t so different from each other as they seem. And finally someone has said that Jane is a boss material! That is so true! Yeah, but she got it from her boss Jacqueline, so don’t be so flattered Patrick! Also needs to be said that it’s pretty great how happy Jane is for Ryan publishing his book and probably going on a book-tour. She didn’t even get mad that he couldn’t make it to the Richard’s. That couple is so powerful! And talking each other about how their day was… so sweet.

Sutton had a lot to take care of in this episode. She had to organize a nice evening for Richard’s best friends because he was too busy dealing with the hacking thing. She got a little help thanks to Kat and Jane, or Kat only but Jane at least been there and looked amazing! She wanted this evening to be perfect, she tried her best for Richard because she knew how important it is to him. She found out that Richard has been thinking about moving out of NY to the big beautiful house. And she realized she’s not ready for that move, she has just moved in with him and for her it’s not the time to start a family yet. The night got pretty crazy. Richard was late, brought Patrick with him, Sutton confronted Richard about the house, then she made clear that her passion to design isn’t just a phase, it’s a serious career move for her. Sutton made her guest cry and made everyone uncomfortable, so did Jane with her argument with Patrick. Everything got really rough but Sutton somehow made it right like she always do. Drinks were helpful, but still, it was mostly her merit. And at the end, she talked truly with Richard about not being ready for another relationship step. For a moment I thought they are gonna split up. Richard told her that he dreams about having a family, she told him she’s not gonna be ready for a while for that. And then he said something beautiful. That he isn’t going anywhere. That was extremely moving. He’s the perfect guy! And she’s the lucky girl!

Kat has been getting her campaign into the next level and she developed some feeling for Tia during their constant work on that campaign. Kat decided to ask Tia to go to Richard’s together and at first Tia refused because of a date with some guy, but then she changed her mind. Kat was convinced it’s kinda a date, but for Tia it was more like a not so formal business meeting and she worked on the campaign by getting people to donate. Kat couldn’t stand that and faced Tia about it. Turned out Kat got the wrong impression because for Tia it’s been nothing but the part of a being a manager to get to know Kat well. Kat was pretty sad but she was able to keep a good face for a bad play. And that’s an admirable skill. She acted really mature. In Kat’s defense, I had that wrong impression too. Or maybe it’s not so wrong but Tia doesn’t know that yet. Maybe she’ll realize sooner. Guess will have to wait and see too.

Together scenes! My favourite part of a recap! Well, this time the Oscar goes to the one in the bathroom! Tequila out of winę glasses is always a good idea. But the flashback about getting into the bathtub was even greater! Also I laughed hard when Jane counted how long has been wine standing open in the carafe. She’s so me if it’s about that aspect. And I’m also a little of a Sutton, because I’m more like a sit girl haha. But I cook well, so there is something from Kat in me too! That’s funny but you somehow identify with this three while you watch and it’s not something you can stop from happening. This show has nothing but a positive impact on your life and gives you power to do things that’s why I love it.

This would be it I think, so see you next week! I already can’t wait!

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